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How Honest Are We?

You could hit me with a red flag and said, “I just hit you with a red flag,” and I still wouldn't take the hint that I was in a bad situation. I am a hopeful romantic. Red flags for me are...

/ December 2, 2014

Here’s Two Words You Shouldn’t Use on Your Online Dating Profile: Crazy & Prozac

In reviewing some of the profiles through various dating sites, I found some interesting profiles. I have not altered a thing about these statements and think that words crazy or Prozac  should not appear in your profile. The reason I...

/ January 30, 2013

B*tches Be Crazy

Hey remember our guest writer, Franklin Slocombe? He's back with a new tale about an obsessive woman. Ladies, don't be this girl. Taylor Cast As you might have guessed since my last post, my personal life since the young lady...

/ September 5, 2011