Ways to Say I’m Sorry to Your Better Half

Let’s face it, we all make mistakes in our relationships. Sometimes, a simple apology is enough to smooth things out. Other times, it takes a bit more effort to get yourself out of the dog house. If you’ve already reached your chocolate-and-roses quota in the relationship, and if a diamond bracelet might break the bank, there are plenty of ways to make sure your apology gets you back in your girlfriend’s good graces.

Write It In a Letter

In this day of email and text messaging, we don’t always put a lot of thought into the things we say to our loved ones. If you need to really say you’re sorry to someone, a letter or note can go a long way toward showing your sincerity. When you’re writing it, make sure to keep it simple and humble, but don’t be afraid to add an inside joke to get her smiling. Writing a letter will show a deeper level of commitment and thought than a make-up text.

Give a Gift

After an apology, a gift can be a great way to back up the things you said or to reinforce your apology. A heartfelt gift can lend extra weight to your apology. There are thousands of gift options, but for real impact try something other than flowers and chocolate. The Serious Teddy Bear Co. offers an I’m Sorry teddy bear that can give a soft reminder of why she likes in you in the first place. When you’re choosing your gift, make sure it’s a meaningful and thoughtful gift, or it won’t have the effect you might be hoping for.

A Nice Dinner Out

As far as apologies go, this should be the icing on the cake, as a final way to clear the air over whatever caused your argument. Going out together while you’re both still upset will be awkward and not fun, so don’t try this one until you’re already on the mend. Once things are nearly back to normal, use a nice night out on the town, or a nice home-cooked meal, as a reminder of why you both are together. Put on your fancy slacks and create a fun date as a lasting apology. BnBFinder is a terrific source for romantic locations and attractions, so do a little research on the perfect makeup spot.

Take a Trip

Again, you want to be back on sold relationship ground before you try this one, but treating your lady to a weekend getaway can help reset any negative feelings and let you recharge your relationship. If she’s been talking about visiting any particular location, or mentioned a nearby bed and breakfast, surprise her with a quick trip.

Change Your Behavior

You’re probably pretty set in your ways at this point, but if your actions are causing friction with a person you love, it’s probably worth a little effort to alter your behavior to show you’re willing to change. You don’t need to completely change your personality, but if you can rein in hurtful behavior without sacrificing your identity, your relationship will benefit from it.

However you choose to apologize for whatever indiscretion landed you in hot water, make sure you actually say or write the words, “I’m sorry.” A gift is only as good as the feelings behind it, so make sure your girlfriend or wife knows that you’re actually sorry before you start working on the gifts.

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Rainier Fuclan is a blogger and freelance writer for The Serious Teddy Bear, which makes unique teddy bears for any occasion that include a big hug every time.

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