3 Reasons Why Men Play Games With Your Heart

It has been a few days since the date. You sit on your couch waiting, confused, and wondering what could have went wrong. The dates were going great and he seemed so into you, so why won't he call.

At the risk of coming off as needy you cave and send a text, because of your curiosity and frustration. He then takes hours to respond even though it's a quiet sunday afternoon.

The text claims he had a wonderful time but work has gotten hectic, as soon as he gets time he will see you again. That is the last text you ever received from him, leaving you searching for answers to why do men do what they do.

If he wasn't interested why string you along? Don't worry you are not alone all women at some point in their lives have been a victim to a man playing games.

But why do they do it? Are they secretly trying to drive women across the globe crazy? Well..

It Works

Though there are women that will at the sight of games, close the door on a relationship, like all things there are always exceptions.

Some women love a man who plays hard to get, the unpredictability and the thrill of the chase.
The few successes he receives causes some men to continue to play this throughout their lives, leaving broken hearts in their path.

Fear of Commitment

One day he will seem completely infatuated with you and other days its like he is lost at sea. The back and forth of what a man does can seem like he is intentionally playing with your heart but it is actually his fear of commitment.

Fear that can stem from past baggage from other relationships or worry that if things get too serious he will lose some of the “benefits” of single life. This will cause him to get close then withdraw as he tries to figure out what he really wants.

He's Just Not That Into You

Sometimes what you see is what you get. His lack of interest is really him saying ‘hes just not that into you'. Stringing you along as a way to keep his options open keeping you as an emergency relationship parachute.

What Should You Do?

1. Evaluate the situation

First decide if this guy is truly worth the trouble. Grab a piece of paper and write down the pro and cons of further pursuing the relationship. If you do decide that you would like to keep on seeing him..

2. Directly Address the situation

Let him know that the way he acts bothers you and that you would like things to change. Then wait a few days to see if he changes, If not..

3. Walk away

I know this isn't always easy but sometimes you have to. If he doesn't like you enough to stop playing the games then he is not the right guy for you.

Always remember that you deserve the best and should never settle for a man who isn't on the same page as you.

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  1. The “He’s just not that into you” segment is a bit presumptuous. Lots of guys just don’t want to deliver an outright rejection. Guys deal with rejection constantly and we know it sucks. Lots of guys assume that women have so many options that just leaving a budding relationship to go cold will barely be noticed and she will have forgotten him by the next weekend. So calling her up and telling her outright that it’s not going to happen seems unnecessary, presumptuous and mean. Like calling up a store and telling them you decided to buy something from a store closer to your home (and I’m not comparing women to merchandise; it’s an analogy everyone). 😛

    Sure, there are guys (and girls) who leave things hang for a backup relationship but assuming the worst of people up front doesn’t give you any extra life points.

    1. Sorry to have used the word “presumptuous” twice in one comment. It was a bit presumptuous of me. Damn, I did it again.

      1. It is very complicated . There is a guy i really like, but generally he tends to do the disappearing act and just give me vague answers. The last time I simply “lashed out” and dumped him because my patience has limit. Now I’m trying the last time, I sent a message today , I don’t know if he will answer me. If he doesn’t answer, even being difficult and painful, I’m going to give up totally. I’m learning to be more cautious because it takes long time to recover myself emotionally from relationships ( not only romance but also friendship ) in general. It took years for me to release bad feelings I had about some people, but I did.

  2. What I’m finding out is men are insecure and competitive. ..If you have more than them,I noticed they feel inferior of you.Dating has been real complicated for me.Im a dedicated hard working women and the men I’m attracting have been negative. What do you think the problem is.Anyone have any real sound solution

    1. Men are insecure creatures. Successful, beautiful women will have a harder time finding a good man. The best thing for women to do these days is to accept that they will not likely find a decent man ever and find other things to be happy about in life. Just use men for sex and never give them your heart.

      1. I agree with your point on focusing on other things in life; guys aren’t worth it however you should never use a man for sex that doesn’t make you any better of a person men wanna be loved and respected too!!

      2. I am completely celibate and do not care to use or be used. I would date to see if I find a real man to be my life partner love n yes friend. One who would never play games. I am always enjoying my own company and trying new foods and kayak etc. I already AM he will be a nice addition to.

  3. Aaaaawwwwwwwww. reading through these comments make me feel sad. lamenting that you are not getting your way with men wont help. truth is women date up. and this will always lead to unsatisfaction when you finally learn that the 6’3 handsome network engineer is not that into you after all. even trollops who work at Wendy’s want to hook up with the royal bloods. if he’s too good to be true he always is. ok sisters be honest with yourselves. women don’t walk around with men’s best interests at hearts neither do men. it’s a dog eat dog world out there.it’s just that we men learn how to suck up lot’s of things in life. like rejection, you take it for waaaay too long that in the end it’s just like a morning cough that you cure with a good warm ginger tea. Have guys increasingly become major Dicks? yes and so have women. so we are playing on a level playing field and it’s only fair that we all do since women and men are equal. enjoy the equal opportunities ladies.

  4. I think the reason I have felt played has been my fault. I have allowed a man to make certain advances and have deeper conversation with me. I allowed it because I felt attracted and was enjoying the attention. it is a cruel way to play because he isn’t asking me out, he is just playing during social gatherings.
    I decided to not let him play with me whenever I see him again (no matter how hard) is this the best decision?, i hope so

  5. We all make choices going in with good intent, however sometimes it doesn’t work out which sucks and the fail and reject is really what hurts most, some people know what they know and don’t know what we except them to know and that’s hard for some people to understand, we are all on the same boat of life just wanting to be loved and most of us are all injured in some form but if we love our self’s first may be then we can learn games are not necessary and know not to deal with game playing

  6. Lol. Women lamenting here. Listen, here’s the thing. If you let a man decide whether he’s going serious with you or not, you’re bound to fail. Men are insecure and fragile, that’s a fact..sometimes they don’t know what they want. I’m a man btw. If you let a man treat you the way he wishes, he’ll tramp over you. Strategy: once you notice he’s playing childish, catch him in one of his acts and confront him. Ask him what ‘this’ is or what’s his intentions. He’ll blubber some words in his defense but don’t let him. If he was insecure of rejections, you could have broken that glass ceiling. If he was out playing with your heart, you could have saved your heart from crashing.

  7. If only we knew what we really wanted and what we would really tolerate to be so much easier, decision making could be less of a hassle. When it comes to the heart,it wants what it wants,and we all know its not always the best thing. Relationships are so complicated,and if only we knew how to fix that issue in itself,we would be less unhappy,frustrated, and all the other unsettling feelings that go along with them. Wish the best for all who take part in any of this. J

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