Low on Budget, High on Love? Design a Distinctive Date for Valentine’s Day

Heart Made of Candles

Candy is dandy when expressing thoughts and, as Ogden Nash quipped, liquor is quicker. But limit yourself to these prosaic choices and you throw away money instead of inspiring affection.

Spending a lot isnt necessarily the direction to take on the highway to your mates heart. If you are low on budget but high on love, you can turn the holiday into true poetry through creative surprises, such as sharing a passion for an activity you value. So man up and reveal your tender heart to your lover. Here are some suggestions to get you thinking about ways to create inexpensive Valentines Day adventures to get you on the road to enduring romance.

A Passionate Day in Nature

If you are passionate about walks on the beach, visits to wildlife preserves, hikes in the mountains or flying kites in local parks, let your lover in on it. Arrange a day off from work to enjoy the outdoors.

When it isnt possible for the two of you to get away during the week, make it clear that you have a surprise adventure planned for the weekend. Include a note in your valentine card containing a few enticing clues. Bring some light picnic fare on the trip, including hot mulled cider. When you get home, seal the sentiment with an arrangement of flowers from companies like FTD flowers online.

Channeling Nick and Norahs Playlist

Remember the indie movie “Nick and Norahs Infinite Playlist?” It concerns an insensitive ex-girlfriend who brings her new beau to a nightclub gig where her ex-boyfriend, Nick, a tenderhearted wannabe rock musician, is playing.

Over time, Nick burned many a CD of favorite music for Ms. Insensitive, but she promptly threw each in the trash. Her cute but mistreated best friend, Norah, loves the discs but has never met Nick.

For further plot details, include the movie in your Valentines Day plan, but first give your sweetheart a homemade CD of playlist favorites. This means paying attention to her musical taste as well as spicing up the mix with some of your own favorites. Enjoy the CD together while eating dinner.

A Good Cause

Paying it forward through a charity you favor is a feel-good way to spend part of Valentines Day. The Case Foundation suggests giving of yourself, your time, your heart on Feb. 14.

Invite your soul mate to be part of the process, whether it involves walking dogs at the local Humane Society, supporting the Red campaign, delivering Valentine's Day cards to the elderly at an assisted living facility, driving nails at a Habitat for Humanity house, serving dinner at a homeless shelter or sorting donated books for your local librarys second-hand bookstore.

Helping your lover with a time-consuming task, such as auto detailing or a home fix-up project is another way to show generosity. It shows you are will to give up your time and get dirty for love.

Revealing Your Heart

Even if you are reserved and normally surround yourself with a tough shell, inside beats a tender heart. Take a risk and show it to the one you love whether through adventure, creativity or generosity.

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  1. Those are some really great ideas, i especially like the idea of doing some charity work on Valentines Day. Spread some love with the less fortunate; wonderful.

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