How to play out the perfect first date on Valentine’s Day

valentine's day
valentine's day
Nothing says romance like hot wax on a tramp stamp…

Have a hot date this Valentine’s Day and looking for some advice? We interviewed dating coach, David Wygant to get the low down on what men really think on a first date.

It’s completely normal to have butterflies fluttering in your stomach as you get ready for the evening. You may find yourself starring at your wardrobe for hours, contemplating what to wear. Is this dress too revealing, should I choose a plunge or square neck? These are but a few of the questions that circle round our heads every time we are taken out on a date, and more often than not we battle with our thoughts for far too long. However, going by David’s advice, it shouldn’t take up too much of our time; “The best outfit to wear is something that makes you feel sexy, yet also doesn't reveal too much.

“I always tell women all the time, jeans, boots, little low cut sweater, pull your hair back, smell really great and the man will enjoy every moment.

“He wants to check out your body, he wants to see what you look like, and that is conservative enough and it doesn't send out the wrong signals” he said.

With Valentine’s Day coming up, love is sure to be in the air, and restaurants across the globe are set to see an influx of diners booking a table for two. To help answer any lingering questions you may have, we talked to David to discover what men really think on a first date.

Is there anything women should avoid saying on a first date? People always say it's best to be yourself, but what if you have a trait that seems to just repel men?

“Yes, you know what repels men the most?

“When a woman wants children within the hour of the first date, she basically tells you that she wants to be a stay-at-home mum, drive a mini-van and be a soccer mum.

“That repels men instantly.  Why?  Because we may want the same exact thing, but we want to feel like we're the most important person in your life for at least a short period of time, so that's something that repels men.  Not only that, another thing that repels them is you talking negatively about your past boyfriend and still being wounded from a relationship.”

Should women offer to split the bill on the first date?

“If a man asked you out, a man should pay.  If you ask him out, you should pay.

“You can offer, just a question, but if a man asked you out and you offer to split the bill and he allows you to, run. Because you know what, a real man will pay for his first date any time.”

How long after a first date should I wait until I call?  Should I call him or wait?

“I'm a traditionalist. Text a guy after a day and say I had a really good time yesterday.

“See how he responds and it's up to him to call you and ask you out again.  You shouldn't be chasing him.  A man should pursue you.”

Are there any tell-tale signs that a man will be calling you?

“No, men are great disguisers.  They can pretend they're interested in you and you'll never hear from them again.  There are no tell-tale signs at all.

“Even if a man goes in for a kiss, he still may not call you the very next day or call you again.

“But what you need to do is when a man doesn't call, you need to let it go, you need to realise he's just not into you, not interested and its okay.”

The interview with David Wygant was conducted by fancy dress retailer, AFD who have a great range of party outfits, perhaps you can wear these next year if all goes well?

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The interview with David Wygant was conducted by fancy dress retailer, AFD who have a great range of party outfits, perhaps you can wear these next year if all goes well?

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