How to Avoid Being a Woman’s Rebound Guy


A rebound guy is someone who inadvertently fills a gap in a woman's love life, right after she splits up with another guy she cares about. Being a rebound guy is tough, as the woman you are dating still has feelings for someone else, and hasn't moved on sufficiently after a breakup to accommodate a new relationship.

Most likely, you are headed for heartbreak if you end up as a gap-filler for a woman with emotional baggage. However, there are ways you can spot the signs that getting serious with a woman would be a mistake, if she only wants you as her rebound guy.

Conversation killer If you date a woman and she consistently talks about her ex, it's time to make a swift exit. When a woman still feels strong ties with a former partner, it's likely that she won't be able to resist the urge to bring him into every conversation.

Memorabilia It's okay for a woman to have a certain amount of items that indicate her former relationship in her home. However, if she has a prominent photograph of herself with her ex on display, beware. The same is true if she continues to carry a picture of her former partner in her purse, or keeps a cuddly soft toy her ex gave her on her pillow.

Haunts If the woman you are dating insists on hanging out in places she knows her ex frequents, consider this as a sign that she wants to be in close proximity to him. You are just there to make doing so easier, or perhaps to make him jealous.

Lack of interest When a woman who recently had a breakup dates you, but never bothers to ask you questions about yourself or attempts to get to know you as an individual, chances are that she is still yearning for her ex. A woman who is ready to date you will be interested in you.

Social cues When you are on a date with a woman and her friends keep asking her how her ex is, it's likely that she hasn't informed them that her and her ex are no longer together, and you have to ask yourself why this is. Could it be that she hopes that they will be reunited? Likewise, if a woman doesn't correct her friends when they discuss her and her ex as though they were still an item, this is an indication that she isn't ready to date you yet.

Being a woman's rebound guy is no fun. It's far better to find out that the woman you are dating still has feelings for her ex before you get serious. If she has it's advisable not to get “in too deep”.

Try expanding your love interest by increasing your own circle of friends, a good starting point can be activities such as speed dating or finding new friends online (there are lots of resources out there to help).

Looking for the signs mentioned could help you avoid being a part-time love, rather than a permanent fixture in a woman's life.

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