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Lazy Sunday Afternoon: No Mind For You Or Your Partner To Worry Lazy Sunday Afternoon: No Mind For You Or Your Partner To Worry Sunday Morning. It’s perhaps the perfect morning of the week. Unless you’re suffering with a sore head and ringing ears from the excess whisky and live music from the night before. In which case, it’s bacon time.

But if all is good, the head isn’t pounding, and your partner is lay next to you, there’s isn’t much better. It’s a day to chill out, kick back, do something you both enjoy without pushing yourself too hard, after all even God took a rest on Sunday.

It’s a day to climb out of bed at 11am, enjoy some lunch and see what the day holds. And it could hold an awful lot. There are dozens of great ways to spend a lazy Sunday, and in true lazy Sunday style, we’ve listed them below, so you don’t even have to Google.

Farmer's Market Date

Visit A Farmers Market

How about starting the day right first?  And where better to get your ingredients than from one of the thousands of farmers market which are put on right across the world.   Have a look at the mobile app from Farm Stand – their dream of “connecting every community with locally grown food” – is ideal for anyone passionate about eating local and preventing food waste.

Produce doesn't come fresher and more often than not you can treat yourself to some pretty incredible, and unique, food too. You can scout out the best bargains on ingredients, barter down market traders, and of course support local business, all the while getting everything you need for a fantastic romantic meal later on.

Better still, you can roll all the above dates into one. So what’re you waiting for? Get yourself down to the local market, enjoy the sun, the stars, and another amazing afternoon with the partner of your dreams.

Stroll in the Park

Take A Stroll In The Park

Following a hearty breakfast, take a stroll in the park, the sun’s shining and it’s a glorious day. There’s only one thing for it, a trip to the park. Get the picnic blanket out, a basket full of goodies, maybe even some champagne, and sit out and enjoy the day. You never know, you might even get a tan. Picture the scene, a Sunday afternoon, on the nice, neatly cut lawns, perhaps even a river flowing by. Your partner is lay by your side soaking up the rays, enjoying a picnic, glass of champagne in hand, and all is well with the world. Idyllic is not the word.

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Fun From The Sofa

Of course, it may be a rainy day and the damp, soggy park is the last thing on your mind. An afternoon in, listing to the rain pattering on the window is much more appealing. A cozy day on the sofa. Maybe even a little fun. Home gaming certainly checks that box. Whether it’s a game of Monopoly or firing up the laptop for a game of poker with friends also stuck in because of the weather.

There are lots of great sites out there helping to bridge the gap for people to becoming more connected.   With the increase of mobile gaming expanding and the video game industry being valued at $22 Billion Dollars in the U.S also in 2014, has meant that brands like Konami and Nintendo, who have historically focused in the console market have expanded into this growing market.   This proves exciting times for desktop brands also from other verticals such as online casino.    With brands like Full Tilt who have recently ventured into casino mobile gaming, they have gone one up by offering new levels of gaming for multi-player casinos.  It's not only an exciting time for brands but consumers too!  Meaning that you can have an exciting Sunday afternoon, bringing the brick and mortar casino experience without even leaving your sofa. You may even earn a bit of money off your friends too. If that’s not a perfect Sunday, we’re not sure what is.

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By night however, it’s time to set up the Celestron Astromaster and look up to the spirits in the sky. Well, the beautiful stars that light up our skies from a million miles away. Watch together as shooting stars work their way across the universe, challenge each-other to pick out the North Star first. Join the stars to pick out Gemini, Leo, or one of the other major constellations, in an evening which couldn’t be more peaceful. Of course, if you’re sat in the park, or on top of a hill, try not to fall asleep, but dozing off in the back garden during a clear night is near perfect. Just remember though, work in the morning.

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Tuck Into Some Home Cooked Food

At the end of the day, the beauty of a Sunday is that it’s a free day. You’ve the whole day to do something special, which means you can ditch the fast food, the ready meals, and prepare yourself something fresh and delicious. Or at least head out to somewhere which will cook you up something fresh and delicious.

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, there will be some form of Sunday traditions. In the UK that’s a roast dinner. In Florida it’ll be seafood. In the heart of Louisiana you can taste crawfish, a staple for any family gathering. Peeling vegetables and waiting for a few hours whilst your meal cooks away in the oven, enjoying spending time with each other before sitting down and enjoying a delicious meal is a great way to wind down the weekend. Gentlemen do the cleaning dishes of course…

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