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When Bloggers Connect…

You may have read about it a few weeks ago, but the Urban Dater helped put together an intimate Blogger get together out at Bar Melody over in LA… Right near the airport in fact! It was really the first...

/ October 14, 2011

A Guy's Brutally Honest Evaluation of "The Rules"

Guess who is back from the trail? That's right our favorite bearded ginger the Good Badger, Zach Davis. He sent me an email last night taking a break from his serious writing & whipped up this gem. I laughed, I...

/ October 12, 2011
The Urban Dater Online Dating News

Write a Guest Post for the Urban Dater

We've been doing the Urban Dater, Taylor and I, since 2008 and it's been a good run and one we intend to keep going. Writing content is sometimes difficult. Sometimes there's not enough hours in the day, sometimes we get...

/ September 13, 2011
small town girl

Too Much Sass for a Small Town

I am almost settled in. New apartment, new city, new Kaitlyn. I just moved away from a small city I considered home for the last seven years. A city that was so comfortable and casual, it was like a page out of an...

/ August 19, 2011

Guest Stars in the Bedroom

If you're in a relationship, no doubt you and your significant other have shared battle stories and shown your emotional relationship scars over the years. That what people in relationships do… Well, that's what they're supposed to do anyway… Lots...

/ June 24, 2011
joey greco

How Do You Want to Find Out You're Being Cheated On?

Without fail, you or someone you know has been cheated on. Maybe you knew about it, maybe you didn't. Maybe you found out in such a spectacular way that it defies reason… Cheaters. They're out there and it's a fact...

/ June 23, 2011
old man bulge for every season

Attack of the Bulge

Sometimes at the Urban Dater we do things we don't like doing. Even though it was an awesome post, Taylor wrote about fetishes after I'd long-prodded her on writing up the topic. I've written about being a jerk… Oh, but...

/ May 12, 2011
the jerk comes in all shapes sizes and levels of stupidity

Confessions of a Jerk: Super Dickery

This is a post that I'd written about a month ago for the lovely Simone Grant. So I'm reposting here, for your consumption. Why? Because I'm a lazy piece of shit, that's why. Ohh and there's been a lot going...

/ May 11, 2011