The Playoffs Begin Tonight, Don't Fail me, Portland Trail Blazers!

da blazers rule1
da blazers rule1

I suppose this would have made a better post than my whiny bitch fest from earlier today… It's alright though. Why? It's the NBA playoffs, baby!

Baseball and basketball are my two favorite sports. Portland is my hometown team and I'm am rooting for them all the way! Needless to say, if they drop this series, I might have to join Keanu in a sad sack sandwich.

Sports are a lovely thing for couples to share. That my woman gets crushed when her Bears lose brings a tear to my eye. Not that I'm a huge Bears fan, mind you. I'm a fan of my girlfriend and Jay Cutler can kiss my snow white ass.

Women who love sports are hot. Taylor, my counterpoint here, on the Urban Dater, loves the Lakers (boooooo!!!!)… As a Blazer fan I can tell you that this sort of partnership, with such a hated enemy, is frowned upon heavily by by my fellow P-town fans. We pretty much despise the Lakers, as most other teams do.

Taylor, I'm sure the championship rolls through LA at somepoint. If the Blazers meetup with the Lake-show, you are dead to me. That is all.

Sure, sure, Isaiah Thomas and Michael Jordan have earned some scorn from me, however, it's the Lakers that have just angered me and destroyed me multiple times since I was born… Most of the great defeats I can recall are against the evil Lakers.

I remember the time, back in 2000, when the Jail-Blazers choked it up against the Lakers, after being up by more than ten in the final quarter… I remember it because of the bet I made. The bet? If the Blazers lost I would wear a Shaquille O'Neal Jersey for week! Brutal. Never had I been so shamed. But my team is worth it.

So, ladies, ease up on your fellas and join them at the bar this playoff season and enjoy some good games.

I predict that the Blazers will go undefeated and win their second championship, the first of 17 in a row.

For the best coverage on my Blazers (because I know you all care) head on over to Blazers Edge.

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