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The Art of Understanding Body Language on a First Date

When it comes to relationships and dating, the significance of body language cannot be emphasized more as this accounts for about 60% of what we intend to communicate. It is important that those actively involved in dating and relationships must be smart enough to understand and observe the non-verbal cues that their partner is sending out to them in a subtle way – good or bad. Here are vital ways for smart interpretation of body language:

Know the Basics

To start with understanding the basic rules of body language, the most important thing is to observe and notice whether or not the other party is feeling comfortable under current circumstances or not. It’s definitely not rocket science and all it takes is a few keen observation skills. If you’re still groping in the dark about this, there are numerous ways that indicate the comfort level of a person. Read on to find out the common ways:

Positive Body Language Cues:

  • Tendency to lean-close to you
  • Informal Relaxed way of sitting, preferably uncrossed limbs
  • Making sure to maintain strong eye contact
  • Looking away and down out of feeling shy
  • Smile that are genuine

Negative Body Language Cues:

  • Moving away from you, sense of disinterest
  • Formal way of sitting – crossed limbs
  • Always looking away from you as if they’re interested in this
  • Feet pointed toward the exit
  • Sense of feeling restless by frequently scratching their back, eyes, nose, etc.

It takes just a single cue to understand a whole lot about a specific person’s intentions and motives, whether positive or negative. It could also indicate that they are way too interested in the food set before them.

  • Spotting a Liar

The biggest benefits of learning to understand body language is having the ability to judge when a person is lying to you. This is pretty easy to sense with a fair amount of accuracy, wherein your intuition remains 90% correct. It is also  important that you sense the type of lies the person is speaking – whether they’re lying because they’re uncomfortable or just to brag about themselves.

  • Phony Smiles

No matter how good they might be at lying, most people tend to flash fake smiles while lying. They might not be aware of this but a genuine smile comes from the eyes, more particularly the wrinkles around their eyes, reflecting genuine emotions.

  • Face Reading

Most people are more prone to making the other person feel bored and uncomfortable if they fail to understand their body language. This means that you need to pay close attention to their behavior and conduct, which send out powerful signals.

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