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I’m Jessica and I’m the social media “Love Gun” for FriendFlirt.com

FriendFlirt is an upcoming online dating app that uses your social networks instead of joining a separate online dating site.

As I’ve been promoting FriendFlirt all over the place, I’ve been asked several questions about it. Mainly, why I think it’ll be better than an online dating site and why I think it’s so great.

So let me tell you why I think FriendFlirt will be so awesome.

I've been online dating for a few years, personally. However, I've only lived in Boston since August 2011, so we'll just talk about my experience since I've come to live in the Hub.

I've tried several different sites. Some sites I found to be quite skeezy. Whether it was a crappy web design or just the users themselves, some sites just didn't please me. Other sites, I found to be alright, but nothing was coming out of it. I went on many MANY dates through online dating- a few second and third dates, too. I saw potential in some guys, but there were always flaws that I found with each guy that just didn't work out (not necessarily online dating's fault alone, but nonetheless- none of those guys have worked out). Then there were the guys I didn't go out with. The guys with the RIDICULOUS profiles and OUTRAGEOUS messages were awful. Then there were the fake profiles. Like this one guy that had 20 different profiles, but it was all him. Another guy messaged me, set up a date, and then deleted his profile! We never even went out! Oh, and then there was the guy that had like no profile at all and only 2 awkwardly posed photos so you couldn't really see him. I went out on a whim and went out with him- pretty sure he's married or has a girlfriend. Great. So yea, rolling the dice with online dating, while fun, is mostly nerve wracking.

I also feel that online dating can promote an unhealthy technological based relationship. Example- one guy started a texting “relationship” with me which in the present was fun, but in the long run made me completely crazy. When he stopped texting me or slowed down on the messages, I started panicking and worrying about what was going wrong. Our entire little “relationship” was through texting and emails- we hung out a few times, but too much was based on technology. And there’s no way to feel chemistry through technology.

To date, my most successful “relationship” since I've moved to Boston is with this guy I've been casually seeing for the past few months. We actually met in person, through a mutual friend, at a party. Which leads me to why I think Friend Flirt will work better than regular online dating.

Friend Flirt is going to first of all eliminate those ridiculous “about me” sections and horribly put together profiles. Also, you won't have to worry about what photos to post, because your facebook photos will already be there! And don't worry about those fake profiles and scammers- only real people will be on Friend Flirt! And even better- those real people are your friends' friends! No need to worry about Catfish, here!  No need to worry about if that guy is single or if this chick has kids that they’re hiding from you. It’ll all be right there. It’ll be easier to set up dates because you’ll know more about this person quicker than in regular online dating- just talk to your friends about your new match!

Who knows you better than your friends? No one. So who better than your friends to hook you up? Exactly!

So what are you waiting for? Friend Flirt will be launching soon, so hurry up and sign up to be a Beta tester!

Also, if you sign up before Valentine’s Day, you’ll receive a free lifetime premium membership!

Make sure to pass it along to your friends as well!!

xoxo Jess




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I'm Jessica, the social media Love Gun for www.friendflirt.com
I'm a 20something Red Sox and Muay Thai enthusiast in Boston, Massachusetts. I'm also an Army vet and a sorority alumna.

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