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Slave Less, Say YES: DIY Beauty GIVEAWAY

men's hair removal

As men, we live a pretty pampered life with respect to what women have to endure. Think about it! They get to go through child birth, menstrual cycles, menopause… Totally unfair. The only thing we guys have to worry about is odd hair-growth in places where hair was never meant to grow. My grandfather… I love that man, but it honestly seems like a part of the Amazon Rain-forest is exploding out of his ears… Ick! Poor guy! Then there's guys who have free-range hair on their face. These people have a five o-clock shadow at 6am. It's ridiculous… Fortunately I do not fall into the previous two categories. So what sort of hair growth concerns me and what the heck did I do about it?

Well, I'm not prone to overt beard growth... Which was pretty evident when I tried, for the first time to grow a beard last year. However, I am guilty of the “sweater.” You know what that is, right? Now, this thing isn't like a Wooly Mammoth coat or anything, but there's enough hair going around that if I ever got stuck in a snow-storm, I'd be alright. I'm just sayin'. Which leads me to my dear friend, Miss Taylor Cast. She had been trying out a product called the  Silk’n SensEpil. No, no. The girl is not hairy like me, thank goodness. But it was a product sent to us to review and Taylor took the first crack at it and she loved it.

Big deal. Why does that matter? Because sometimes, my dear sweet Taylor gets on my case about my “back and chest vest.” With an opportunity to do something about it and a safe-way to avoid her unrelenting ridicule I decided to try this on myself. 

Neck Hair Removal

I chose to do this on my neck because the Silk'n SensEpil does a safe job with that and the face, mind you. I chose my neck because I get all sorts of stupid in-grown hairs. I've been trying this for the better part of a month now and let me say… Its shockingly impressive and given that I'm a light-skinned fella, the device works well to detect and remove hair… Pretty painless actually. You see that before and after pic? Very smooth to the touch and I've had little to no issues with in-grown hair!! Awesome!!!

Make no mistake, I put that poor device through its paces and it's done, what my girlfriend says, “a commendable job.” That was incredibly nice of my gal to say. When she gets feisty and wants to make fun of my bodily ‘fuzz' she often points to that scene from Along Came Polly, where Ben Stiller is playing basketball with a very shirtless and very hairy dude and the hairy guy pretty much rubs his sweaty hairy-ness all over Stiller's face… While I still have some back-hair stuff going on, I think the Silk'N SensEpil could take care of it, given how it worked on my neck. My gal just likes how smooth my neck is now. I would often not shave there because it got so irritated when I did.

The Silk'n SensEpil works. It just does. It's not an overnight treatment either. It does take time. But it covers more area in a treatment then other similar devices, which is why I was able to do my whole freaking neck in about a month!  It was also simple to use. My girlfriend was actually really, really impressed with the Silk'n SensEpil. She wants to use it now, too. I think she liked how easy it was to use. I offered that it was easy to use because she was genetically pre-disposed to know how to use such tools… She said “um, no, it's just easy.”

I think what makes me want to continue using this is that I don't have to go to some place where some mean lady will pour hot wax on my back and RIP STRIPS OF HAIR out of my back!!! I think a lot of people enjoy that sort of thing… Not this guy. No thanks, I'll just do the hair removal gig at home thank you very much. The other interesting application of the Silk'n SensEpil is also to clean up unsightly arm and back hair… Could the Silk'n SensEpil replace the angry hot-wax lady at the spa? Sure could!

A Special Discount Offer to the Readers of the Urban Dater

Silk'n SensEpil removes back hair

The good people at Silk'n SensEpil  are offering our readers a discount. The offer is:  “20% OFF Silk’n SensEpil Products.”  (Offer Valid September 1st – December  31st, 2011 $200 minimum purchase required).” The promo code to redeem this offer is: “Beauty20”

 ** Please Note: It is impor­tant to state that sim­i­lar to pro­fes­sional laser hair removal sys­tems, Silk’n SensEpil this will not work on indi­vid­u­als with dark skin tones and is not rec­om­mended for their use (if the skin tone is too dark the SensEpil can­not detect the dif­fer­ence between the hair and the skin and will not be as effec­tive). This post spon­sored by Silk’n SensEpi

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