What You Need To Know If You’re BF’s A Doc


They say that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. But a good-looking doctor keeps the apple away. But it’s not all that simple. There’s a handful that you need to know in case your boyfriend’s a doctor. Here’s the good, the bad and the ugly you need to know about having a doctor boyfriend.

He’s a listener

Well naturally, he spends all day listening to people and their problems, so he’s bound to be a really good listener. That’s a great thing – you know you’ll always be heard out when you have something to say be that diarrhea, constipation, gas, or when you come to a point in your relationship when you feel that he’s not giving you enough time (which is going to be almost every time), and you need to talk.

You’ll have to book an appointment

The thing about doctors is that they often tend to treat everyone in their lives as patients – including family and friends – and you’re just a girlfriend! So whenever you’d want to see him, for breakfast or for an adventurous date or even for a few minutes of passionate love-making, make sure to check in and book an appointment a couple of months in advance. Maintaining a planner would be a really good idea so that you can remind him time to time.

He’s a health freak

Whether is eating healthy or being physically fit, he’s a total health freak and just can’t live without getting his daily recommended intakes satisfied and his exercise routine complete. Sometimes having someone to monitor your health is a good way to avoid slacking, but at times it can be really irritating; you wouldn’t want him to constantly remind you of how fat you’ve become, would you? The best way to deal with it; just deal with it! Building a healthy heart isn’t just about exercising and eating healthy; it’s also about taking less stress over the little things in things in a relationship that should not matter.

He’ll talk about nothing but work

People working in the healthcare industry tend to have more eventful days than most other professionals; and your doctor boyfriend sis going to have quite a lot to talk about. From broken bones to crying kids, newborns to tragedies, when you two do get some normal time together in which you’d want to hold hands and tell him how much you miss not seeing him, it’s going to be nothing but work, work and work. While he may already be a good listener, you need to practice becoming one!

He’ll smell like a hospital

Oh yes! Unfortunately, no matter what expensive brand of perfume his also handsome paycheck can afford, he’ll always smell like a hospital. The peculiar smell of hospital disinfectant tends to linger on for quite a while even after a shower. It’s almost as if he bathes with it to keep the germs off himself as well. if you’re snuggling with him a bit too often, this a scent – oh sorry, a smell you’d want to get used to.

He won’t really be the best of dressers.

While owning a sassy black dress is a fashion essential for your wardrobe, don’t expect him to have something equally exquisite in his collection of wearables. Let’s face it – from coming into work changing into scrubs and then having to change again before leaving – and a couple of extra changes in case too much blood spill on his scrubs, he probably just wants something that’s easy to slip in an out of. While the easy-to-slip-out-of is a good thing in the bedroom, it’s just a bit underwhelming for fine dining. You’d want to take out some time to fix his wardrobe and make it more extravagant.

Get ready for ER calls

An urgent or emergent situation never arises with a warning. And when his pager or cellphone rings with disaster calling him back to the ER or clinic, he’s just going to abandon you and leave whether it’s during an exotic dinner date or between a steamy session of orgasms. Actually the latter is when it’s going to hurt the most. But don’t say nobody warned you – it’s part of his job – the ER.

He’ll get you free check ups

With the increasing costs of medical facilities and insurance, having a boyfriend working in the industry is a huge perk. You’ll end up saving hundreds of dollars’ worth of medical tests and medication that he can just get you for free.

He can be a total prick

That’s true. Even though you’re the one who’s going to have to put up with his busy schedule, his ER calls and his never-ending unavailability, he’s still the one who’s going to be going all hormonal and rant about how hard it is for him to balance work and a girlfriend.

He’ll still party hard

This is probably one reason why you’ll enjoy having a boyfriend who’s a doctor the most. He’ll rarely get the time t party, but when he does, he’ll party hard – almost as if it’s the last day of his life. A serious as the job may seem, doctors really know how to go all out when it comes to chilling and having a good time.

He won’t freak out if it doesn’t work out between you two

And here’s where you just might get the shock of your life. Breakups aren’t that pretty. But if it doesn’t work out between the two of you don’t expect him to get drunk in your loss because he most probably won’t even have the time to take notice of what just happened. Or maybe he’s just knows how to deal with and get out of a shitty situation comfortably.

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