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Is It Bliss or Did You Settle?

Is it Bliss or Did You Settle? This question has perplexed me for a very long time. This weekend has brought it to the forefront of my mind, and that's why we are discussing it. Somehow this past weekend, before...

/ February 21, 2017

The End of an Era

I'm feeling like the Mad Men Posters as I sit alone in my apartment drinking my third juice of the day. I am a juice monster at the end of the world. I sat under a sign which read “Columbia Commencement...

/ June 2, 2015

Why You Should Never Date Guys Named Ben

Names have been changed to protect the idiots innocent. The first Ben I ever met was in middle school. He had slick hair, bad skin, and ate ravioli in the most disgusting way my 12-year-old brain could comprehend. I should...

/ January 9, 2015

The Ethics of Blogging About Exes

This article was sent to me by an old friend:  http://thoughtcatalog.com/2013/dont-write-about-the-people-you-have-loved/ – Needless to say, it's a fucking good read and brings to bear an important discussion: Should we, as relationship bloggers, blog about our exes? The author, Nathan Savin...

/ March 20, 2013

5 Important Sex Tips for Women – From a Guy

This is an article just for the ladies out there. Men, you have your own hang-ups, but that’s another story for another day, and it mostly involves penis envy and performance anxiety. Gals, we men know how you feel about...

/ February 20, 2013

Why Men Always Think About Sleeping With Their Exes

Many women waste hours of their life fantasizing about their ex-boyfriends and they waste even more time bitching to their girlfriends over their “whine and wine” sessions deciphering if their exes are still thinking about them. Rest assured ladies, because...

/ November 14, 2011
the cock block of the century

Should You Date Your Friend's Exes and Old Conquests?

You're at the bar, with friends, when you notice the electricity in the air; you're having an intriguing conversation with someone who you want to take home and pound until the legs/wheel on your kitchen table/couch/race car bed give out....

/ March 23, 2011

Ask the Urban Dater: Trying a Relationship Twice

The Urban Dater fields another question from the “Ask Us” inbox. Today's is a doozy too! With that, kids, here goes… “I met a man who said he wasn't ready after his divorce to be in a relationship…i believe this...

/ January 13, 2011