5 Important Sex Tips for Women – From a Guy

This is an article just for the ladies out there. Men, you have your own hang-ups, but that’s another story for another day, and it mostly involves penis envy and performance anxiety. Gals, we men know how you feel about certain sex issues, and it seems to be a common trend, so I’m here to lay it out on the line for you and help you get over those little hang ups…

Just Enjoy the Positions

Ladies, if you’ve got us half to fully naked in a bed ready to rock your world, you don’t need to worry about an unflattering position that’ll show off your belly flab. We are there because we want to be there, and if we were grossed out by something, we would have been out the door already. When I am with a girl, by the time we even reach this point, I am so into her that as long as her skin isn’t flaking off like a leper, a little unsightly bulges here and there won’t do a damn thing.

Men Don’t Care if your ‘O’ Face Looks Ridiculous

If we’ve gotten to the point where you are about to get off, what makes you think that we would even notice if you have one eye half open in the throes of an orgasm? I care more about making my girl’s toes curl than by any facial expression she’s making, because odds are, I am making one equally as ridiculous.

Not All of us Expect it to be like a Porn Shoot.

Contrary to popular belief, some men do acknowledge that porn, although depicting actual sex, is far from realistic. Men realize that these women usually look and act nothing like real women do, unless they’re faking it. We don’t expect you to bust out the ridiculous moans, or try to put your feet behind your head, we want you to enjoy it as much as we are!

If You Need More Foreplay, Tell Us!

Men are almost always ready for a romp, but we know it takes women significantly longer to reach the same level of, erm, excitement. If you feel we are rushing, then tell us! A guy who truly wants to pleasure you in return won’t mind putting in a bit of extra effort to make sure you are at the same level he is. I’d prefer bringing a woman to the point where she can’t wait to have me, rather than end up with a mediocre romp because she wasn’t as into it.

No, We are Not Comparing You to Our Ex.

Ladies, we are wayyy too busy focusing on the party that’s happening in our pants to stop for a moment and think how you rank up compared to our most recent ex girlfriend. If that was the case, then why would we be there with you, right then and not back with our ex? Of course, there are always the guys who are on the rebound, but there’s ways to spot and avoid them as much as possible. As long as he doesn’t burst into tears during the act and get a softie, chances are you are the focus of all of his attention.

The bottom line, girls, is that you just need to work your confidence! Be confident in yourself, and your abilities, and men will find that more attractive than anything else you could wear.

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Justin Hill is the creator and operator of http://www.AdultDatingXYZ.com . Besides providing sometimes unsolicited relationship advice, he also shares his dating failures and even reviews Online Dating sites, so you don't waste your time on the worst ones!

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