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Love, Sex and Cars: Chick Magnets on Wheels

love, sex and cars
love, sex and cars

They may not want to admit it, but women love cars. What’s more, they love a hot guy in a hot car. When a woman sees your car for the first time she isn't only sizing up your ride, but also sizing up you. Does your car say you are adventurous or conservative, wild or tame? Many women feel as they can get a good handle on your personality by the kind of car you drive. But two can play that game.

Most women are unaware that certain types of cars can be used to attract certain types of women. There are hundreds of cars for sale from Glendale to Miami that speak to women, and it can be as simple as figuring out what type of woman is attracted to what kind of car. Is your car calling out to the woman of your dreams or is your automobile driving you into the arms of “Miss Wrong”? Here are three of the sexiest cars that will attract three very hot types of woman:

2013 Cadillac ATS

Will Attract: A “Marilyn”

1.) A classic American brand will attract a classic woman. This new luxury sedan from Cadillac is big on power, with a four-liter engine option that offers up 270 horsepower or a V-6 model that revs your up to 320. A Marilyn will be attracted to the same style that made Ms. Monroe an icon: sexy curves and classic elegance. She will love the fun of all the tech bells and whistles but will demand the comfort of a luxury interior. An American beauty like Marilyn needs a car like Joe DiMaggio: reliable, but a top performer.

2013 Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ

Will Attract: A “Lois Lane”

2.) “Sexy” may not be the first adjective that leaps to mind when you think of the Subaru, but this collaboration from Scion and Subaru is an unexpectedly sexy little number. This hot rod will give you 200 horses without breaking a sweat — or the bank. It will attract the best of both worlds: a hot woman with a brain. The Lois Lane is up for adventure, but is smart enough to recognize the practicality of a great value. A Lois Lane will be attracted to this car for the same reason she wants Superman, and not Clark Kent: she needs security, but craves adventure.

Jaguar XKSS

Will Attract: A “Bettie Page”

3.) The Jaguar XKSS is rated “X” for pure sex. This vintage import is the physical embodiment of the classic chick magnet. This beauty can surge to a top speed of 150 mph and vibrates with the raw energy of a 250-horsepower engine. Alas, Jaguar only constructed 16 of these classics, but if you have the means to get your hands on one, you will find yourself surrounded by gorgeous babes who want to take a ride. Vintage Alfa Romeos and other Jaguar models of the late '50s have a similar look and feel. This car will attract a retro beauty with a dark side. She loves vintage glamour and style, and you’ll know just by looking at her that she is up for a naughty adventure. A Bettie Page knows how to assert herself. She can be sweet and wholesome when she wants to be, but can turn on a dime into a sexy vixen in a matter of seconds. This kind of wild woman likes a fast car. In fact, it will be hard for any woman to resist this ultra-sleek, ultra-sexy chick mobile.

Image by Gregory Moine pursuant to the terms of his Creative Commons license.

Jesse Campbell

Jesse is a freelancer from Omaha who writes about automobiles, motorcycles and outdoor adventures.

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