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Improve Your Sexual Health With Some Squats

sexual health squatting
sexual health squatting

I used to be a skinny person until I started working out around the last quarter of 2013. And to my surprise, you can actually improve your sexual health by doing some squats after a workout.

I realized this because I do squats every time after I workout. The payoff of doing squats for both boys and girls is magnificent. I used to only do it for the improvement for my bum, my quadriceps, and my thigh muscles.

Little did I know that research has shown that working out your major muscles (squats targets 3 really big muscle groups) helps in the production and release of endorphin as well as testosterone.

That's whydoing squats can help a skinny guy to build some upper body musclesas well as give them a sexy set of gluts to boot. Not only do women find men with a well-built upper body to be attractive, recent surveys answered by women across the world also have indicated that the second most sexy part of a guy apparently is his butt, and almost at par with a solid set of ripped abs.

Well, actually, all workouts produce a temporary spike of testosterone and growth hormone, but since squats target 3 big muscle groups at the same time, it is by far one of the most effective exercise that can be done almost anywhere.

Moreover, not only does exercise generally improve your sexual health through promoting good circulation and increased stamina, testosterone also generally helps in the production of sperm as well as increases the sex drive.

In Summary, Doing Squats After Your Workout Can Improve Your Sexual Health By:

  • Improving your physique, making you more attractive to the opposite sex by improving muscle development on upper and lower body.
  • Triggers production of testosterone if done adequately and consistently.
  • Can improve your sex drive by increase of testosterone.
  • Can increase male fertility through increase of sperm count via testosterone release.
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