The Worst TV Shows to Watch for Dating Advice

bad tv
bad tv

Have you ever been watching the show “Rock of Love” and thought to yourself, “If only I was more like Bret Michaels, my romantic issues would solve themselves”?

Reality dating TV shows are entertaining and good fun, but anyone who takes to heart the “lessons” they teach when it comes to dating and love is being taken for a fool (not to be mistaken for a fool in love). According to Cami Hadley at www.cable.tv, shows like “Jersey Shore” may glorify trashy romance, but if you get your love advice from anywhere on TV (and we don't recommend that you do), avoid the following shows at all costs:

“Rock of Love”

Bret Michaels – just a thorn looking for his rose, was all. The VH1 reality hit show “Rock of Love” featured a single Bret Michaels who had his pick of the Poison-groupie litter. So, what's wrong with a former rock star looking for true love? Well, nothing. Except that the majority of the contest was won in the hot tub or bedroom. I'm sure if Bret had his choice, he would have just kept them all around until the show was over, and they probably would have stayed. During the first season, one of the girls actually had “Bret” tattooed on the back of her neck.

She didn't win.

“The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette”

“Rock of Love” is a bit on the trashy side to be taken seriously. Let's class up the joint and take a look at “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette.” On the surface, it seems noble a gentlemen or lady is courted by a pool of contestants until finally one is chosen, and they live happily ever.

Except they don't, almost ever. According to Hollywood.com, only two couples from both shows have stayed together after the finale (one engaged and the other married). The other 22? All of them went their separate ways; some didn't even make it a month. There's no such thing as a crash course in love. A lot of these contestants are more concerned about being on TV than finding Mr. or Mrs. Right.

“A Shot at Love With Tila Tequila”

The bi-curious model of MySpace fame got her chance at romance with the show “A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila.” This time there was a twist the contestants would be both male and female and Tila would ultimately choose a gender by the end of the show.

For starters, I would imagine this concept was pretty offensive to the LGBT community a show about a girl narrowing down her sexuality in a matter of a few weeks but lets put that aside for the moment to look at some other issues. Like “Rock of Love,” the connections between Tila and her contestants are about as meaningful as the groupies who lusted for Bret Michaels. In the end, I suppose Tila decided she was straight by picking a man as the winner.

And like “The Bachelor,” they didn't last.

Flavor of Love

Ok, this last one is just for fun. There is zero reason for anyone to consider anything seriously about this show concerning dating. So, instead of list 100 reasons why that's true, just sit back and enjoy this.

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