Immaculate Contraception

Male birth control
Male birth control
No condoms. I pull out only

My friend, and soon-to-be-running-buddy, Sè Reed, posted something just the other day about a contraceptive solution out there. It's not one that I've heard of… And? It's for us guys. Yep. Contraception for men! Tell me more, jerky!

Okay, so contraceptives for men are not uncommon; they're just not widely used. In fact, I can say the only contraception I've ever used was simply pulling out (waits for people to cuss and throw up a middle finger). But there are more enlightened methods out there, I realize. I'm not that much of a pig, even though I am totally a pig. Heck, even Planned Parenthood has the same shitty methods for male contraception. Okay, they're not shitty, but pulling out is on their list of suggested contraception methods. That's just asking for trouble, like babies and a burning nub.

Women. Women have all sorts of shit they can take, patch, poke and what not for contraception. I mean, with so much cool stuff, why would we men have to do anything? Tis a good question.

Now, the article I read leads-in with an idea; a premise really: What if there was a contraceptive method that didn't penalize you with babies, latex allergies, odd hormones or other side-effects? Would you use it? Fuck yeah. Me, me, mofo! Well, this article, written in March of 2012 informed me that such a method DOES exist!! This method is called ‘RISUG' and it's apparently sorta bad-ass. But why?

Well, a doctor can poke a couple small holes in my chubby, inject some ectoplasm and pretty much render my swimmers irrelevant for up to ten years. Yeah. Ten Years!! Wow. Wear does one sign up for this party? Apparently this isn't quite ready for prime time play in the US. But if you, like me, are interested, then sign up to get notified.

What do you all think? This seems less painful than the traditional snip snip vasectomy method.

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  1. This certainly is news for Me. I know, I shouldn’t be venturing out in the men’s space, but couldn’t resist myself. Very informative. I will sure share it. And, will wait for more to hear on this.

    1. Yeah, it’s interesting stuff and a great alternative with almost no side effects. At least this way women don’t have to screw with their hormones any longer.

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