Let the Relationship Flow


Sadly, the art of courtship is sometimes replaced by instant sex or relationship. Some people believe that they should have sex by the third date and others think that they should be in a committed relationship by the third date. I have experienced both of those assumptions and know they are totally false statements.

I was stunned when a man told me that our relationship was going nowhere because I would not have sex with him on the third date. He also told me that I should not eat garlic on a date and to dye my hair because I had some grays. Ohh, what a turn on! Let me drop my panties now, my sweet love. Forget about the fact that you could have a disease, be married, or an axe murderer who I just met from an online dating site!

On the opposite extreme, I still remember the terror I had in my early twenties, when a man I just been dating for a week talked about us getting married. I wasn’t even sure I just wanted to only date him, let alone marry him.

As a professional psychic, I often hear the questions when am I going to get married, meet someone, does he/she like me, etc. I give my clients the answer that I receive from my guides and Angels. One of my biggest roles is to guide them along the path.  It is amazing how people think psychics know and can predict everything. We have no control over the way the information is given. Every human being has free will and can change an outcome.


Here is a good example of that from a call I received concerning a couple, whose names have been changed. Marybeth called wanting to know what the future held for her and Steve. I heard the song lyric, “We only just began” and asked if this was a new relationship. They had been seeing each other for three weeks. I got the following information – Steve really liked her, was very attracted to her, and  he wanted to take things slowly. The most important thing was not to push him into commitment or call him all the time because of his past experiences with women. If she allowed the relationship to flow it would move forward to commitment.

Fast forward, a few weeks later. Marybeth was very angry at me because Steve had broken up with her. “You told me that he would commit to me,” she yelled. I got a vision of her constantly texting and calling him. I also heard the song lyric, “I’m already gone” by the Eagles. I asked if she texted and called him a lot. She admitted she had. It was her free will and actions that ended the relationship.

Please do not be a Marybeth; instead allow the relationship to unfold. I often hear a lyric from an old-time song, “Getting to know you.” Get to know a potential romantic partner mentally, emotionally, spiritually before having sex or committing to a relationship.  If they are “The One,” they are not going anywhere. But, to find that out you need to enjoy the courtship and let the relationship flow.

Pamela Cummins is The Musical Psychic, singles and psychic development coach,  and author of “Psychic Wisdom on Love and Relationships.” For more information visit her website

Visit me over at: www.pamelacummins.com

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Pamela Cummins is The Musical Psychic, singles and psychic development coach, and author of “Psychic Wisdom on Love and Relationships.” For more information visit her website www.pamelacummins.com

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