3 Surefire Pickup Lines that Break the Ice

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When used correctly, pickup lines can get you that much closer to that cute girl across the room, or that hunky guy that just walked in. Whether you’re sheepish or sly, it’s important to remember that confidence is everything. It sounds cliché but it is indeed true. So, before trying any of these lines, take a look in the mirror and tell yourself that you’re awesome, because you are, and whomever you have your eye on will think so too.

Take an Interest

Taking an interest is one of the easiest ways to start a conversation. If you’re at a bookstore, ask for a book recommendation; if you’re at a record store, ask him or her about a band they have been listening to recently. It may sound easy enough, but it’s important to not feign an interest when in conversation. You want this exchange to be genuine, not just an excuse for you to drop lines left and right. Ask open-ended questions, don’t be creepy and you should have a first date in no time. Opening with, “I’m looking for some new music to listen to, what would you recommend,” is a perfect way to initiate a conversation and begin getting a feel for his or her musical preferences.

  • Taking an interest is an easy way to start a conversation.

  • It’s important not to feign an interest, be genuine.

  • Ask open-ended questions and don’t be a creep.

Make Her Laugh

Making the opposite sex laugh can be a painstaking process. The success rate can be pretty low, and it can leave you looking like a fool, but, fear not! Putting a smile on his or her face can be done in many ways. It’s important in this scenario to read who you’re talking to and gauge his or her sense of humor. You don’t want to open by telling an offensive joke or one that he or she won’t understand. Instead, say something funny that’s relevant to where you are or what you’re doing and hope for the best. Also, don’t be afraid to be a bit of a goofball. Asking him or her, “How much do you think a penguin weighs…,” followed by, “…enough to break the ice,” will certainly lead to an eye roll, but is almost always accompanied with a smile.

  • Making the opposite sex laugh can be painstaking, but is worth the effort.

  • Read his or her sense of humor and joke accordingly.

  • Tell a joke that is relevant to your surroundings to break the ice.

Hold a Conversation

No pickup line has the power of an actual conversation. In fact, if you’re using your pickup lines properly, a legitimate conversation is the endgame. Yes, it pays to be slick and charming with the opposite sex, but at the end of the day, being real goes a long way. Start things off with a simple introduction followed by a, “How’s your night going,” or even a compliment on what he or she is wearing. Again, don’t be overzealous with your sweet nothings, but a polite comment is a great way to break the ice.

  • Holding an actual conversation should always be the endgame.

  • It pays to be slick and charming, but being real goes a long way.

  • A polite comment is a great way to start, but don’t overdo it.

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