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You've spent the last week or two talking to someone you've met on an online dating site and you've finally made plans to meet. The day is here. You're excited to meet this person who has seemed so wonderful online. Next thing you know, some mysterious (ie. lame) excuse comes up preventing them from meeting you or worse yet, you don't hear from them at all. Or maybe they do show up and look nothing like their pictures. The possibilities are endless.

Anyone who has spent any amount of time in the realm of online dating has had some kind of experience like this. If not, consider yourself lucky. There are many great people on these sites who are honest and sincere, but let's face it. Some are not.

Up until now, there really hasn't been a way to determine if you're wasting your time with someone or not, besides putting in the work yourself. Enter “Lots of Fakes”. A new website/app that allows you to search profiles across all major dating sites, and add reviews of people you've had experience with.

If a married guy, posing as a single guy, is on a dating site, wouldn't you want to know that before spending a week or two only to figure that out yourself? Or the girl who loves the attention of receiving 100+ messages a day, and flirting back and forth, but has no real intention of ever meeting anyone in person. For years people have wasted enormous amounts of time and energy on these people who are not who they say they are, or simply have no business on a dating site.

This database is going to be built organically, over time, by people in the online dating community. If everyone would simply take 60 seconds after that date (or misdate) to record that experience, be it good or bad, this app could prove to be invaluable and improve online dating for everyone.

Lots Of Fakes – Google Play, App Store, http://www.lotsoffakes.com

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