How to Avoid Being Catfished and Conned

I have been widowed, divorced, conned, lied to, and cheated on. 

Dating at a mature age is difficult enough, especially if you are new to it.

Online dating, in particular, has its ups and downs, its own rules and lingo. Unfortunately, scammers and CONS are so prevalent in today’s society that I felt the need to write a book and start a blog to help others avoid going through the painful experiences I have had. 

I will tell you about the bad guys, scammers, and con men, working hard to steal your money, the ones that make their living taking advantage of your vulnerability, by lying to you. I will tell you how I was conned out of $10,000 by a man I thought loved me. I will tell you about how I worked with the Fraud Squad to bring down one of these “Romance Scams.” 

I will also tell you how to how to spot these fakes and liars. They may be guys saying they want a relationship when in fact they are just looking for a hook up. They may say they are single and available, but after dating for a period of time you can see the signs that indicate they are most likely married or in a relationship. 

You may come across a profile or get a message from a guy who sounds like he is  just up your alley, only to find out he is actually younger than your kids, and tells you that he is into mature women for a real relationship – Yeah right! How the heck do you have a “real relationship” with someone who has nothing in common with you, has no life experiences to share? 

It is very easy to say anything online and to present a false persona; people lie about everything; their age, weight, height, how much money they make, how they make a living, etc.

But there are also real people, nice people, truly looking for love and some real successes out there. 

I will share with you some of the stories men have told me. It is not just us ladies that are lied to, scammed, and taken for a ride. 

There will be people who will judge me; think me stupid, gullible or naive, shallow, and vain.

There will also be people who see the real me, a woman who started insecure, just wanting to be loved, and how the journey has changed me.

Finally, I will show you how I found true love, the best kind of love.

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