Male Friends. Why Women Need Them

male friend
male friend
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I've talked a bit about why guys need female friends they don't sleep with (though, I've ignored that advice a bit of late). But I think there's a reason why women need male friends they don't sleep with and it's worth examining that side of the discussion, too.

Men and Women as friends… Blah, blah, blah. Yeah, I've been here before and I've spoken at length on the topic more times than Ron Jeremy has… well, let's leave that alone. Okay?

Why might a woman want a male friend in the first place?

It's not usually because they smell better… Having dated my fair share of women one common thread I always hear about is how this girlfriend is being a bitch because of something someone said/didn't say/didn't do/event skipped etc… Women can be downright catty and shitty. Ladies, how many times have you had a female friend that just went bitchy because of something you said? Your intent was to be kind, but those kind words were twisted against you? I've seen it happen tons; sure, it happens to guys, too, but with women this is more common than most people think.

With a man, a gal can say what she wants and the guy is going to take it face value; sure, he may stare at her tits while she talks to him but this is a trade-off. If the woman isn't going to sleep with her male buddy then she should at least be willing to put up with some elevator stairs.

They Can be a Dude That Looks Like a Lady…

This one should be obvious. When a woman hangs out with other male friends it's just easier. Why, you ask? I'll tell you! Women can go have beers, watch the game or just get shit faced with her male friends. They're not going to judge her shitty hair day, that her eye-liner is fucked up, or that she's got zits on her face… Though, I do have a close female friend whose forehead I incessantly make fun of… I did mention I'm an asshole, right?

A woman can be herself with her “boys” and they're not going to judge; they're not going to say “you look heavier, you fatty fat fuck!” No, guys don't do that! How many times has a woman said “I'm a fat piece of shit” only to have guys say “girl, you're not fat! I'd wax that ass all day errday!” Okay, maybe they don't say ALL of that but you get the point, right?

Cut Through the Bullshit Like a Legend.

A woman can be more open and honest with men. Women can see each other as competition and not even realize it; this is where insecurity creeps up. I have no stats to back me, but I do have years of observation on this topic. It's crazy! But women who are insecure in some way or other will always find a reason to take a knock on another woman, and that can be while they're partying together! Eff that!

When a woman is hanging with her boys, she can feel at ease, speak her mind and say whatever shit she wants, no matter how dumb it may come out. I mean, wouldn't YOU rather spend time with people who don't make you feel like you need to look over your shoulder? Women have  a knack for that kind of shittyness.

At the end of the day, yes, women need their ‘girls' but they also need that alternate perspective that their less refined male brethren can bring to the fore.

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