How to Win at Tinder

I think I have finally come up with the recipe for success.

Are you ready for this?

It's good; It's logical, and—You better fucking try it.

Step One: If you have a Tinder, delete it and start over.

Step Two: With your clean slate – pick some stellar photos & write just one sentence to describe yourself. Leave the men wondering. Don't give them all the info they need to know, they should ASK. Often we write a paragraph stating who we are then a fella judges us based on this before taking the time to talk to us. Give them NADA. This approach also helps give guys a chance to ask questions. If you wrote it all on your profile, what's left to ask?

Step Three: Ten swipes a day.
By this I mean, ten YES swipes. COUNT THEM. You'll likely get four-five matches from your ten swipes (if you're pretty) otherwise rely on one to three matches.

Step Four: Wait twenty-four hours to give these fellas a chance to send a message. If a guy doesn't message within the first twenty-four hours, he likely never will. I don't have an exact stat on this, but I am a professional Tinderella so just take my word on it.

Step Five: Only maintain four conversations at a time. Not five, not six, FOUR.
“Why four Elle?”
Four conversations allow you to actually engage with each toad and without getting overwhelmed and bored. You need to give a little to get a little so try to put your best Tinder foot forward with each of these guys. You may quickly discover nothing in common, and you let the conversation die, but at least you tried verses giving the bare minimum and being upset when a guy has no desire to execute asking you out. Ladies, take some responsibility here.

Often I find that I have so many conversations at once that I can't keep it all straight, I get exhausted, and I lose interest because I never hung around long enough to find out something noteworthy about the guy. SO FOUR is the magic number. Don't fuck with it, just do it.

Step Six: Once you decide who you want to meet in person, set up your dates and get back to your ten swipes.

Step Seven: Every week go through your matches and unmatch fellas who never sent a message. Keep your tinder game clean and organized.


You are probably strategic in most aspects of your life and why not apply the same concepts to dating?

Don't sit in your bed bored, swiping for hours, racking up hundreds of matches. That is overwhelming, and honestly, it's a waste of matches. Don't engage in ten conversations at a time because I PROMISE you'll lose interest and likely never even meet half of them.

You never know who you're going to “click” with so take it slow, be strategic, and give people chances.

I challenge alllllllllll the singles to give this a try.

So far, its working quite well for me. All four of my conversations are great, two have asked for dates, and I have a feeling the other two will soon… Four dates are manageable; fifteen isn't.

Stay the course, my friends, stay the course.

xo xo,


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Meet Elle...twenty-eight, city living, entrepreneur, recovering serial dater, & professional tinderella.

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