Making Your Friendships Weird and Banging Your Friends Just Got Easier!

This is surely the best idea of someone's life, right?
This is surely the best idea of someone's life, right?

As I wrote about the other day online dating is on the verge of a big change. With the change and possibilities that Facebook's Open Graph Search brings all sorts of folks are rushing to tap into this unexplored country. While there are potentially many noble ways in which the Open Graph Search could be used, we haven't seen it yet.

I remember the days when we all played “Words With Friends.” That was a nice game, wasn't it??  Instead, I turn your attention to that which lies below your feet. The place where my mind and humor exist. Yes, people. The gutter. This article on Buzzfeed was shared by Tizzy over on our Fledgling G+ group. The service is dubbed “Bang With Friends.” As of this writing the site is down for the count. I signed in for the service and saw a listing of pretty much all my female friends. All of them. Even those who are married… I don't know what the fuck that's all about, but in a word. Lame. Saw my mom in there… With a button that reads “down to bang… ” Just. Wow. Last time I checked, my name wasn't Oedipus, mother fuckers! The service purports to connect Facebook friends for a night of fucking and other such debauchery.

I think this service will go faster than a boy getting it on his first time. Yes, that quickly.

Let me tell you. I'm curious to see what fresh new hell this service brings to bear. It just screams “disaster pants,” if you ask me. Almost like a train wreck.

That said, the service seems far away from being “usable” but even if it was who the hell would use it!!? This is the equivalent of walking around holding your wiener in your hand and looking at your female friends and then making eyes at said wiener trying to get her to do the same. Yeah, that awkward.

Get your tickets to see this blunder fuck leave the station. Hooray!

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