Maybe we should talk about Tinder

In case you’ve been hiding in a cave and do not know what Tinder is, it is this ‘dating’ app and approach … and trust me I am using the word DATING very lightly!


And let me tell you this thing is not only entertaining but highly addictive …

Not because you actually get nice dates, or meet nice guys, NOT at all. The addiction I think comes from the fact that there is choice, choice of many different people you can say NO to.

Cause the second you say YES or slide right, means you are ‘interested’ and if the other person is also, well you have to opportunity to talk to each other.


Truth is you mostly won’t talk to them anyways 😉

The few that talk to you most likely will make some seriously disturbing sexual offers … ah!

Sometimes you might even get invited out for a drink … 8 out of 10 times one of you will cancel.

My experience of the Tinder date? Ah! That’s a funny one. Went on a date with this guy that used to go to school with someone I used to date. Turns out the guy had a bigger crush on my ex that I ever had! interesting that’s for sure.

The main reason I got on Tinder? 1st of my friends made me since I had just broken up with someone … curiosity, and I probably stayed on out of boredom – sad I know!

My overall thoughts? It is a fun app … not to be taken as an actual dating app – it is more a hooking up app. But you’ll definitely have some fun browsing there; there are the guys with their wedding pictures in there – obviously confused! The guys with no pictures, the guys in a group of 5 guys, and the guys you KNOW!


Ohhhh and let’s not forget the worst pick-up lines in the fucking wooooorld!

Here some very cool examples:

lines lines4

lines3 lines-2


Fun times …



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Posted by clem c

I have traveled around for the past 10 years and have an opinion about many things. I use humor on a daily basis, my entourage laughs at my insane everyday life, so now I have decided to write about it. Enjoy. Clem

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