7 Ways To Help Your Man Become More Spiritual

making him more spiritual

Material things, sports, cars, money or even putting on more muscle are often interesting topics for guys. Many women would welcome a little more spirituality and care for the soul. So how can women encourage their men to focus on their spiritual side without being overbearing? Here are some ideas that might help.

Ideas To Help Your Man Be More Spiritual

  1. Take a vacation to a spiritual destination. One of the ways to help your man become more spiritual is to make a journey to the kind of place that will awaken his spiritual side. There are some beautiful churches, and historical sites in the US with religious significance. Or if you've got a bit more money at your disposal, take a trip to a spiritual destination like a temple in India or Nepal where he can see how simple, spiritual people live and where he can talk and share ideas with these people. This method will also suit your needs putting you more in touch with yourself and the world.
  2. Encourage him to read the Bible or other inspirational books. Contrasting with the expensive way of a long-term or short-term travel there is always the way of the book. If you think your man may not be open to the idea of reading scripture, there are a wide variety of books that encourage and inspire men to improve. Send him articles and other type of information that have spiritual meaning or sense. Read everything you send and be prepared for a discussion on the topic.
  3. Show him how to meditate and/or how to pray. This can be an interesting experience, especially if your man has never tried it before. Sometime prayer and meditation are personal and private, so if he seems reluctant, don't pressure him, but allow him the time alone to try on his own.
  4. Attend a church meeting. There are sure to be a variety of church meetings in your area, try attending several and determine which feels like the best fit for you. He just might meet other guys at church that he can relate to, and that will also help him fit in.
  5. Try a movie night. One of these nights slip in a movie with a spiritual message. Sometimes it is a simple message that strikes the right chord.
  6. Helping others. You certainly don't have to be religious to offer help and service to other, but often times, selfless acts of service create an internal happiness and joy that may inspire him to pursue other spiritual activities in life that create those same types of feelings.
  7. Love him unconditionally, and be an example. Spiritual or not, he's your man, love him for who he is, and focus on his good qualities. He wont feel pressure, but a desire to provide you with the things that are important to you. If you want him to be more spiritual, become more spiritual yourself. Set a good example, and you're actions just might inspire him.

The best way to make sure these methods will be successful is to offer these options in a time of his life when you see he needs a break, a refuge or some guidance. He may receive the suggestion with a lot of enthusiasm.

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