What Makes a Great Online Dating Profile?

Online dating is slowly replacing the traditional ways of looking for romantic partners. Many people have switched their strategy of looking for dates to online dating, describing the method as easy, efficient and time-saving. If you have decided to join the plus 30% of online users who use online dating, you must appreciate that it requires some tricks to improve your chances of getting a partner. One such important aspect of online dating is a good profile.

An online dating profile is a section in an online dating site that describes broadly who you are. It is the only way other people searching for a partner will learn more about you and decide whether to click on your account and leave a comment. Writing an online dating profile is similar to writing a CV when looking for jobs. It is an art that requires an accurate, specific, and precise description of who you are and what you are looking for in a partner.

Encompassing all these features into a good profile can be a nightmare for some people. To help you understand how to write a new dating profile or help single out where you are going wrong with your current profile, here is a guide to help both men and women.

Qualities of a good online dating profile – Men

Did you know that men use online dating sites more than women? What this means is that your profile as a man must stand out. These are the profile features to help you achieve this:

Confidence is mainly depicted in the words you use when writing your profile. Successful online dating men sound confident in their profiles by avoiding words that show loneliness. It would be best if you avoided words such as hope and loyal as they show desperation and lack of confidence.

A good structure
A well-structured profile attracts many potential partners, as it is easy to read and understand. You should use short paragraphs with no more than three clear sentences. The information in your paragraphs should flow chronologically, especially if you are giving a short story of your life. Paragraphs should also transition seamlessly with their main points highlighted.

Focus on visuals not words
A visual impression is an incredible trick to attract partners and especially women. Instead of describing your hobbies, interests and passions in words, you should use photos. For example, you should not waste time explaining how fun and adventurous you are. A picture, for instance, of you sky diving is enough to show it. Photos are an easy and attractive way to communicate about your hobbies and interests to potential women.

Make your profile unique.
Since many men interests may turn out to be similar, it would help if you created a fear of missing out on your profile. To do this, you must assess and write the most exciting things you have done or plan to do in life.

Qualities of a good online dating profile – Women

To be successful in online dating as a woman, this is what your dating profile should have:

Positive tone
You should not make a mistake of listing tons of qualities that you don't like in men. Negative vibes are the number one turn off for men or partners in online dating sites. As a woman, you should look enthusiastic and interested in meeting a partner through the website.

Include lots of traits
Men indeed look for women who can handle various aspects of life. While being brief in a dating profile is cool for men, women should consider adding most of their life experiences, hobbies and interests to their profiles. With regard to traits, the most attractive ones in women include family, food and personal growth.

Maximize your gallery
If you want to attract as many men as possible in your profile, it should feature more pictures than words. Men specifically look for women that are interesting to meet on a date. You should, therefore, add more photos to your profile to increase the chance of communication with potential partners.

Choose your main story wisely
The central message showing up in your profile should define who you are in real life. The message should, therefore, capture your best qualities and highlight your personality. If you are not sure of what your profile communicates, it is better to ask someone you trust to read it for you and explain the message between the lines.

Despite there being other aspects in online dating, it is worth noting that your profile is at the heart of getting a serious partner. In general, your profile should attractively show your character and interests. If you feel that your current profile is holding you back from getting a lifetime partner, consider changing the above features.

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