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“Damn. Look at the body on that girl. She is unreal man. I'd kill for one night with that. She's at least a 9. Maybe even a 10…”

We've all had these types of conversations with friends right? We're men. Sometimes we revert back to our 12 year old hormonal school boy alter egos when we see a smoking hot woman, pick apart their looks, and rate them. Its what we do. Cue the chest pumping and grunting.

But where exactly do you rank on the attractive scale? Are you a one? A five? A seven?

Suppose you are a 5. How realistic do you think it is to pick up a woman online who is a 9 or 10? I'm not talking a soft 9 or 10 either. I'm talking a bombshell that all your friends would look at awe, wondering how you landing that unbelievable specimen. I'm guessing most of you probably think its somewhat impossible, which is kind of depressing. The majority of the population is not above average in looks. To think that meeting women online who are 8's and higher is unattainable for most of the male population is downright depressing.

Well don't go throwing yourself a pity party just yet. What if I were to tell you that any man can learn to meet any woman online no matter how attractive she is? It just so happens that any man can raise his arbitrary score of attractiveness by multiple points online. You just need to learn a few techniques. In fact, any man can turn into a ten in a few hours with the right knowledge of attraction. This is because your looks are not the only quality that makes up your attraction score.

Let me make things even simpler. Pending you don't neglect your appearance, dress well, and put yourself together well, looks won't matter at all if you follow the right steps.  The key lies in understanding how men and women experience attraction. What you need to understand first and foremost is that attraction is not conscious. When a man sees a beautiful woman walking down the street, he usually turns his head and looks. The man doesn't consciously think to himself, “I'm looking at her because she has a nice ass, amazing looks, and beautiful hair. Ok. I've decided. I'm attracted.” Thats ridiculous. The attraction happens instantly. Its instinct. This reaction happens because men are evolutionary wired to focus on external appearances first and foremost.  Our survival depended on it if we wanted to produce a healthy baby, and women who are considered conventionally attractive produced the best odds.

Lucky for us, women are wired much differently. Women are wired to respond to the internal characteristics and personality traits of a man much more than the physical appearance of a man. This is because their survival depending on this throughout history. They instinctively respond to certain internal qualities, such as alpha male characteristics, confidence, humor, social value, etc. Just like a man who sees a beautiful woman and feels attracted to her without consciously thinking about why that is, when a woman sees certain internal qualities in a man, she instinctively feels attracted to that man as well. As men, we can now use this knowledge to create strong levels of attraction online and raise our attraction score.

After years of gathering knowledge, I have found there are ten basic internal qualities and personality traits that nearly every woman can't help but responding to. These include, but are not limited to, demonstrating self-confidence, humor, alpha male qualities, etc. All we need to do is take those 10 basic triggers, and infuse them as much as possible into every aspect of our photo galleries, emails, profile writing, and text messages when picking up women online. There are literally unlimited ways to do this.  Without doing this, men who are 5's will remain 5's in the looks department. Women will view the profile of these men and have no choice but to focus only on looks because they have nothing else to work with.

However, the more that these attraction triggers are implemented into every aspect of man's online dating life, the higher his score becomes. A 3 in the looks department can easily become a 7 or higher when this is done properly. With enough work, even the most beautiful women will view your profile and instinctively experience an attraction towards you that they cannot control.

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