What Does Underwear Say About a Man?


“Do the pants make the man, or does the man make the pants?”

I’m going to go into the murky world of what pants to wear on your first date. Do you have a pair of lucky ones? (We all do). So when you are dressing up, consider what your underwear is going to say about you:

Bright and tight

For the trendy bloke who is still wearing the pants his mum bought him 5 years ago, the bright boxers are an all-time classic. Taking the boring element away from the traditional underwear feel, a colourful underwear draw is something no man should be without. It gives you confidence knowing that if you lose your trousers during the day, the colourful trunks will keep your humility intact.

Red pants have symbolism of life and vitality, and means you aren’t scared to be dropped in the middle of a forest like and fight your way out. Yellow suggests a crazy personality who isn’t scared to make a stir. Not only could you fight your way out of the forest, you would come with gifts from your trip including a coat made from bear skin and a flat pack Ikea style log cabin. Pink boxers…I will leave the individual to make their own choices, but you are on your own with this one.

Baggy and loose

Baggy suggests that you don’t particularly care about the modern fashions and fads, and would happily go back to a time when fig leaves were socially acceptable…a simpler time. Aside from looking for local naturist beaches, there could be more behind the man than his pants. As long as they aren’t your dad’s old ones, you may just like the freedom and space the loose boxers offer:  haters gonna hate.

If you wear a lot of baggy pants, it suggests that maybe you are apathetic. But I bet you don’t care about that anyway. One question though, what are the buttons on the front of boxers for…seriously?


Known as thunderwear on Urban Dictionary, th(ermal) underwear is back with a vengeance. Once resigned to old men and people travelling to the North Pole, I think they get a bad rep. We all know the time of year when getting up on a morning requires double the effort and 90% of your shower time is attempting to pluck up the courage to turn the hot water off.

Admittedly, I wouldn’t run the risk of wearing your thunderwear on a night out if you are  looking to get lucky (it is difficult taking 5 layers off in style). However, keeping warm in all conditions is basic human right, so don’t let those do good-ers tell you otherwise.

Tighty Whiteys

The classic tighty whiteys. What more needs to be said? Except move on; a lot of great things happened in the 1980’s but listening to Blondie on your Walkman is not socially acceptable. I bet you are the kind of lad who laughs at the ironic appeal of this new fad called “boxer shorts” and class the extra material used in trunks as a chronic waste of the earth’s natural resources.

That being said, normal briefs (that aren’t white) are actually very comfortable and are classed as the most fashionable pants going. It suggests that you may be in touch with trends and styles. Pants are things that not many people really think about except for when you are putting them on, but if you think it might be time to invest in a few new pairs (I’m looking at you tighty whiteys) then check out this range of men’s underwear from House of Fraser.

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