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Alex, online dating specialist. Have degree in Psychology, fields of interpersonal relationships, love, finding a partner are relative to me. I love to study people and communicate with them.

Top Tips for Finding ‘The One’ Through a Lesbian Chat Site

We’re all of us looking for ‘the one’, and finding love online through a lesbian chat site might be the best way of meeting your ideal partner. We’re all looking for ‘the one,' and finding love online on a lesbian...

/ March 29, 2017

Flirting Tips for Men

I know how you feel, always seeing your friends chatting to women and having a good time, whether it’s on a night out or in work, friends and colleagues always seem to be enjoying themselves around women. Well now it’s...

/ March 27, 2017

An Insider’s Guide to the Internet Dating Industry

Internet dating is a job, but finding the right site to use shouldn’t be. We lay out all of the details you need to know. There certainly are a lot of options for internet or app-based dating floating around out...

/ March 24, 2017