Are Millionaire Match Sites a Scam?

Dating millionaires and millionaire matching are actual things in our day and age. I can remember a time when we didn't talk about dating as it pertained to someone's socio-economic status. I mean, it's something that is has been done, but there was a point in time where it wasn't blatantly stated. Society frowned upon the notion of “gold-digging” (a term used almost exclusively for women).

Today, dating has been reduced to and encourages our base instincts. You know the apps and sites, where swiping to match have made connecting with singles easier, less stressful, and more game-like. However, the advent of these tools doesn't make it easier for people to “date up” the economic food chain if you will

Why Millionaire Match Making?

My initial thoughts for millionaire matchmaking conjure up horrifying imagery! I remember that Bravo TV show, from Patti Stanger and thinking Shit, this lady it crazy and about as deep as a frisbee. Thus, my feelings on millionaire dating are skewed. I immediately thought it was bogus and the actual collapse of romance and the pursuit of love in America. Am I wrong? Some people would disagree with me.

For some people, they feel that established wealthy men are more successful, which in and of itself is an aphrodisiac to many women. Should a man or woman be ashamed of dating for someone strictly for their “coin?” If you ask Nadia Essex—who only dates millionaires—the answer is a firm “no.” While a lot of folks may frown upon such an approach to dating, it's not too dissimilar from traditional methods.

For instance, my mother wanted me to find a “stable” partner; someone who has their “shit together,” as my mom would say. Someone who has a good job, who is educated, and comes from a “good family.” There is no financial goal here, but the general recommendation from my mother was to find someone who wasn't dirt poor.

Dating for money and looking for that millionaire match isn't out of the realm of reason then. The idea is to find someone who is stable and has total control of their financial destiny. People who are poor simply do not have this type of control and the reasons are often systemic—someone who is poor may have learned poor habits for managing their money, perhaps they come from a disadvantaged background that they haven't been able to overcome. It's a harsh truth, but emotional and financial “baggage” takes on many forms and is difficult to jettison; unfortunately many people don't want to deal with that baggage and will turn down the potential for love in search of something more stable and financially rewarding.

What are the characteristics of a millionaire?

It's not just a “millionaire mindset” that sets successful people apart from one another. A millionaire often sets their own path, shunning conformity, and the pressures that come from a desire to be accepted. They do their own thing and say to hell with anyone who doesn't like it!

They often are visionaries and see things differently than the rest of us, this vision leads them to pursue dreams and set daring goals for their life. Finding a partner who does the same and lives fearlessly is a must for many rich singles.

Many successful people maintain the “why not me” mindset. That is, they don't let self-doubt bring them down. They say “why not me?” And why not? To the brave go the spoils in life, business, and love. That's why we have millionaire dating sites in the first place!

Is Millionaire Matchmaking and Millionaire Dating a Scam?

Luxy, a Tinder-like app “minus the riff-raff,” makes no apologies about their platform. However, the service is not for “gold-diggers.” Luxy's premise is to match affluent singles with one another. Singles on Luxy are certainly rich and successful; they are also well-educated and grounded in what they want from a partner.

I think it's only fair that a well-to-do single ask for the same in a partner and Luxy provides this mechanism more so than other elite dating services.

So, is millionaire matchmaking a scam? Like anything in life, things are what you make of them. Luxy has done a good job cultivating their community and ensuring that their singles are of the “right mindset” and checkbook!

If you're an affluent dater, I'd be curious to hear what you think about Luxy in the comments.

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