Make Sex Fun Again: How to Have Better Sex Tonight

In the age of Tinder, OK Cupid and other apps that lets you hookup in a wink, how do you ensure that you and your partner get some action that’s different and fun? What are the different ways in which you can make sure that the passion between you both never dulls no matter how many times you do it in a day?

The answer lies in the following pointers, which will help you make sex fun again, night after night after night. Without further ado, take a look at them to know what should be next on your to-do list.

1.Start It Slow

A lot of us are in a hurry to get to the big ‘O’ but in throes of passion, we forget to enjoy the tiny, sensual moments that build the momentum. Go back to the basics and start is super slow. Feel each other’s body and breath and gradually increase the tempo. This is surely going to make you both yearn for each other more. If slow sex seems a tad bit dull for you, pep it up with a warm, soothing bath together or an erotic massage.

2.Seal It With A Kiss

Bring back the good ol’ days of making out wildly before you get into the act with your partner. What you can do is start with a light peck and then work your way into full-on frenching your partner, exciting them to the highest level. And there are so many varieties of kissing that boring would be the last word on your mind. If you would like to work up your imagination a bit, start watching random kissing scenes from TV series and movies. Here’s are some of the most iconic movie kisses that may ignite the passion. It’s not only a sexual act but also helps you bond deeper than ever.

3.Spice Things Up

Doing little things can effectively change it for you and your partner. It needn’t be going that extra mile, but instead make tiny changes in your daily routine that will eventually help bring the spark back into your sex life not just for one night, but for several nights in a row! Changing the position of your bed, switching the side you sleep on and having food that is considered aphrodisiacs for dinner are some of the things you can try for more effective sex. And ladies, you can always surprise your partner with by opting to tighten vagina minutes before as that will ensure more pleasure for both of you

4.Let There Be Mess

No matter how kinky you get, there’s something about messy sex that is hard to resist. Play with massage oils, lubricants, ice, whipped cream, chocolate syrup or even cookie batter. You can get as creative as you want with the mess and can change the items from time to time.

5.Introduce Some Games

One of the best ways to turn sex attractive and fun is to indulge in some games and you don’t need Christian Grey’s Red Room Of Pain for that! While there are sex toys and sex games that are easily available online or at specialty stores, you can always invent your own special game. For instance, blindfold your partner and make them locate you on the bed and tease them. Alternatively, you can also take role-playing games to the next level by enacting characters and situations from your favorite shows.

6.Talk It Out

Both men and women love to listen to their partners’ innermost desires. Men especially would love to know how they can please their partner in bed. In turn, they would like to be appreciated. Take the cue and tell your partner what you like and what you like them to do. Guide them by taking whispering sweet nothings related to sex in their ears. All the same, appreciate and encourage them when they try a new move that turns you on.

7.Sext, Sext and Sext Some More

You don’t need to be in a long-distance relationship to sext or video call and indulge in some virtual sex with your loved one. Surprise them by sending your nudes when they are busy at work to let them know what awaits them when they get home. Alternatively, you can also sext them while having dinner. The moment they give you the knowing look from across the table, you’ll know that it’s time!

8.Read Out Passages from Erotic Write-Ups

Remember the Mills and Boons? While they will always remain an old classic for teen girls, they sure can help you get in the mood. If you’re not an M & B person, Google up some erotic text and read it aloud in your sexiest voice and ask your partner to do the same. Maybe, you both can enact some of the passages now and then.

9.Do It Everywhere

Don’t restrict yourselves to the bedroom. Take it a notch high and find out different places to indulge in foreplay, heavy making out and sex. You can start with the kitchen while doing the chores, in the laundry room pinned against the washing machine, in a secluded spot in the parking, down in the basement, in the elevator, under the table while playing footsie, the car, the stairs…just let your imagination run wild!

10.See Yourself Doing It

Make the most of the full-length mirror in your home to watch yourself in the act. This can be in front of the dressing table mirror or in the powder room. This will give you both a kick and get you in the groove in no time!

The Wrap

These are some of the ways to rev up the sex for you and your partner like never before. The crux is to try your luck and also to step out of your comfort zone. Don’t wait further and get started by implementing these tips starting now.


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