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What to Say to a Girl You Just Met

The first words you say to a girl you have just met determine whether she will dismiss you as a creep, friend zone you, or consider being your girlfriend. Many guys are utterly clueless about what to say to a...

/ December 20, 2018

May I Not Have This Dance? 3 Dances That Can (and Will) Ruin Your Relationship

Photo Cred: Thomas Kelley May I not have this dance? 3 Dances that can (and will) ruin your relationship. Everybody talks about in order to have a good, strong relationship with your partner, you need to have a “solid foundation.”...

7 Body Language Cues That Tell You She Is Getting Serious

Understanding a girl's body language when you are first dating is important in determining whether to make a move and take things forward. Yet the importance of body language doesn't diminish as the relationship progresses. At each new level you...

/ November 3, 2015
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Four Common Misconceptions About Online Dating

Online dating can be a great tool. Having thousands of eligible singles at the click of a mouse (or the tap of a finger) can mean the difference between perpetual loneliness and happiness with another person. However, finding love on...

/ December 10, 2014
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Dating Advice: Should You Chase Your Crush?

In the dating world “chasing after someone” has a romantic connotation; this is likely a direct result of all of those romcom scenes where Richard Gere chases after Meg Ryan in the airport to confess his eternal love. Outside of...

/ May 5, 2014

What Your Sleep Position Reveals About Your Relationship

Sleeping positions can reveal a lot about you; for example, if you hog the bed (my all time favourite position), it signifies that you like to have control of things – and that sums me up completely! However, your sleeping...

/ April 17, 2014
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What Women Want—And How To Get It

Women aren't as picky as many people think; it's just that sometimes, guys just don’t understand how to appeal to them. I know, guys, it might hurt to hear it. But if you’re striking out with the fairer sex, it’s might have...

/ April 2, 2013
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Size Queen: Am I Worthy of Love?

Sometimes we sit and stare at our phone screens, obsessively waiting for replies from people who seemed into us, but aren’t texting back. You may be wondering, “Am I worthy of love Wait. I talked about this already, didn’t I?...

/ January 26, 2013