3 Reasons Women Need to Write the First Email Online

Why women should send the first message

Many women sit and wait for men online to send the first email. Learn why this is a huge mistake…

Countless women I have worked with over the years have taken a passive approach to online dating.  Rather than performing searches and attempting to attract the type of men that they deem worthwhile, they sit back and wait for the results to come their way.

While this may seem more “traditional,” it is actually a big mistake.  In fact, taking this approach to online dating will often result in less than stellar results, and sometimes even result in women spending years longer on dating sites.  Let’s take a moment to understand why this is the case.

The highest quality men are extremely busy

Most women want a man who works hard, is educated, and has a lot of interests.  This makes for a great partner.  But guess what?  Men who work hard and have a lot of interests, are often very busy living their lives out their in the real world, not on the computer.  The time they have to sit down to search for matches is limited.

While you are waiting for them to find you, they are out living their lives.  Circumvent this problem by initiating the first email online.

The highest quality men receive insane amounts of attention

High quality men in the online world are tremendously sought after.  They receive requests from multiple women on a daily basis to hang out.

This raises the question, why would they perform searches of their own if they are receiving emails regardless of whether or not they put in the extra work?  The answer to this question is that most don’t.  They focus a lot on the messages that come their way and very rarely take a pro-active approach.  So don’t sit around and wait for men to find you, because if they are quality, they may not even be looking.

The highest quality men desperately want to meet an amazing woman

You are smart.  You are fun.  You are beautiful.  The quality men out there are just dying to have a woman like you come along, and show them that online dating isn’t filled with women who barely make them raise an eyebrow.  The problem is, many of them don’t realize you are out there!

If you are awesome, get the man’s attention and make him see it with a great photo gallery, a witty email, and well-written profile.   Because if you don’t, somebody else will!

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