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Hell of a title, no?  Dear Jeni, from 2009cansuckit is someone that I met some time ago, down in San Diego, when she was in town for a work thing.  We'd talked on online and I was convinced that she was insane.  Make that IS insane!

After much pleading, begging and sobbing on the phone, from a prison cell in bumble f*ck Missouri, I capitulated and decided I would help Jeni out.  You probably would, too, after this conversation:

Jeni: Um, hello?
Me: Who the Frak is this?
Jeni: What's a “Frak?”
Me: sigh
Jeni: It's your boo, Yanni.
Me: It's 1am over here; it must be, what, 3am over there?
Jeni: Yeah, but I'm in prison and the Sheriff's being really cool to me because of my low cut top and he gave me an extra phone call if I agreed to jump up and down for a minute or so.
Me: Your dad must be very proud.
Jeni: HE IS!!!!! He's on his way to bail me out, boo!
Me: Err. Great… So, um, why ARE you in prison?
Jeni: It's a short story; something to do with indecent exposure and drunk driving and lude conduct at a rest stop…
Me: …
Jeni: Boo? Are you there?? I'm just kidding about the indecent exposure part.
Me: You understand your educational significance to the young minds of the world, right?
Jeni: Of course! But the sex tape I made at the rest stop needs to be converted before I can post it to youtube!
Me: Fine! I'll do you a guest article for your blog!!!
Jeni: Hooray!  Thanks, boo! You don't know how much it means to me and how happy it makes me, even in jail, where I'm sharing a cell with this other woman named, Hermene.
Me: I'm going to bed.
Jeni: But, wait! I had—

So, yeah, go check out my guest article on Jeni's Blog *Please excuse my douchey looking picture. K, thanks!

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