The Best Pick-up Lines for Guys – Do You Know These?

Pickup Lines for Guys
Pickup Lines for Guys

Pick-up lines have been used by both guys and girls. It’s a tradition that has been followed for a long time. Now a day it becomes a guy thing. Guys use pick-up lines to impress their girls. It has many categories like funny, cheesy, smooth, flirty and so many others.

However, girls like guys who are creative about using pick-up lines, who can bring some variation on asking for dates. So guys who want to be noticed and get positive responses from girls must come up with something special.

Now, are you thinking about using some of those? Want some ideas about best pick-up lines for guys? Then, I am not going to disappoint you.

Before I start, I want to remind you again that you have to be creative about using pick-up lines. There are lots of pick-up lines available out there. But they can’t help you until you know how to use them properly. Let’s start with this first:

While playing with lines, act naturally

It’s very important to act natural when you’re using a pick-up line. Don’t act like you’re reciting something, it can make a girl feeling weird about you. It should sound like funny and interesting. Acting natural while using pick-up lines can be done through practicing. You can practice it at your home in front of your friend or a mirror.

Express yourself in the fullest

Your expression plays an important role if you’re playing some of these pick-up lines. Have you ever wondered how comedians make people laugh through silly jokes? It’s all about their demonstration. They express their jokes in proper ways. Like if you have thrown a funny line, keep a smile while saying it.

Don’t be a jerk

Remember that the line you’re using is not just for saying; you’re committed about your lines. You use a line to convince your girl and then totally forget about it, this is not going to help you. Trust me, it will make things worse.

Girls are smart enough to understand whether you are committed to your word or just throwing some jokes to her. So be conscious about what you say.

So these are something that you need to be careful while using some pick-up lines. Now let’s come to the point what are some best pick-up lines for guys. Pick-up lines can be classified based on:

The cheesy/ sexy lines:

These are lines that define a confident man. They are used only for targeted women. For example “You’re the girl who can read my mind. So let’s go for it.” you can use it while your girl suggests for the restaurant or the place for dating. I am writing some more for you below:

“I think I should walk away cause you’re not going to believe on love at first sight, are you?”

“I can’t stop loving you just the way you can’t stop breathing.”

Complimentary lines:

If you want to impress a girl through pick-up lines, use complimentary ones. Like

“Oh my god! Your eyes are blue!”

“Wow! You do have a sense of dressing; you look great in that dress.”

Flirty lines:

You may use some of them just to flirt with your girl. It can be like:

“Hey, are you really the prettiest girl in the world or it’s my eye who is tricking me?”

“I better die before you refuse me for going out with me. So kill me if you’re going to say no.”

So these are some best pick-up lines for you. Now you decide where you’ve to use some complimentary lines and where you've to be flirty. Anyway, good luck with it.

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Alex J. Stevenson is a relationship expert and a dating coach. He has been helping desperate men to improve their dating life for last couple of years.

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