Writing Your Facebook Dating Profile: 8 Key Tips

I’m on many dating/match sites. Why? Because I am an active senior who wants to “play the field” and have experiences with a variety of men. So, I don’t “go” for those singles groups sponsored by local churches or community organizations. They are, frankly, quite boring and always seem to involve the same types of people – lonely souls who have too much in common. That’s just not me. I crave adventure.

When Facebook launched its dating app in 2019, I wasn’t surprised. After all, they are getting into anything these days. I was a bit intrigued. After all, Facebook has over 200 million singles on its platform. While there is lots of talk about people leaving Facebook in favor of other platforms, there is still a huge pool of people sharing their lives on this platform. And Facebook, in an effort to stay current and competitive, is scrambling to stay relevant. Chances are, they will.

But the real purpose here is to speak to setting up a Facebook dating profile. I’ve done it pretty successfully if responses are any indication. So, I am passing on these tips to help you do the same.

1. Make the Most of Your 500 Characters
Obviously, you cannot say a lot with 500 characters, so make your profile count. Think about three catchy adjectives that describe you. In lieu of that, tell a very short anecdote that shows your personality. You must also save room to say what you are looking for – very briefly and in very general terms. This is not the place for a detailed checklist. That’s for later when you are in the exploration stages with a contact you have made.

2. Facebook Dating App Is Not Tinder
While Tinder and Facebook both allow 500-character profiles, their purpose is very different. Tinder is basically a site for hook-ups, and profiles should reflect that. Facebook Dating App is a site for seeking relationships, and that requires a profile that is a bit more conservative, yet still engaging and as creative as possible. If you find yourself struggling to come up with such a profile, consider getting some help. There are a lot of creative writers at PapersOwl writing service, and a 500-character profile will be extremely reasonable.

3. Lose the Negativity
Do not “dis” on past relationships or speak to what you do not want in a potential relationship. This is a huge “turn-off” and sets you up as an unhappy, un-fun person. You are guaranteed to get very few “likes.” All of your words must be more general and upbeat. What do you love to do? What are the general personality traits you are looking for in a partner? Stay away from the physical. First of all, your profile pictures will take care of that. And once you make contact with someone, their profile pictures will do the same.

4. Be Sure To Answer As Many of the Questions As You Can
Below your profile picture and your text, you will find a large set of questions that will provide many more details about you- your personality, your favorites, your dreams/goals, and some are posed as somewhat silly. “If I could only eat three foods for the rest of my life, they would be…” is a typical example of this.
The point is this: once your profile is available to a contact, s/he will be able to delve much deeper into who you are, and vice versa.

5. Take the Time To Choose the Right Pictures
In some cases, your Facebook profile picture may be right; often, though, it is not. And many of your photos on your Facebook account are group shots. You can have a few photos but choose wisely. One key tip here: do not use filters. Most people will recognize this and feel that you are being a bit deceptive. Post a few pictures but not too many. You don’t want to seem too “full” of yourself.

6. Show Confidence Without Arrogance
Research shows the online daters who are confident are more likely to show that confidence in their dating profiles. But there is a fine line between confidence and arrogance. Have a couple of friends read it and give their opinion. You can be confident and still a bit modest.

7. Use Pictures Elsewhere in Your Profile Space
Pictures can show a lot about your personality – not pictures of you but of things you like. When you answer some of the questions, post images of related things, showing some of your personality. You can also use pictures and designs as backgrounds for your answers.

8. Watch the Grammar and Spelling
Your dating profile will not be written in complete sentences – most are not, given that they are only 500 characters in length. But even phrases need to make grammatical sense. Spelling can be an issue. Because Facebook dating is a mobile app, there is autocorrect. If not watched carefully, there can be a total mismatch of words. Do not publish your profile until you have proofread it several times.

The Future of Facebook Dating App
Facebook Dating App is relatively new in the online dating and matches universe. And the verdict is probably still out on its long-term success. But, as stated earlier, there are some 22 million singles still on Facebook, and that’s a large pool of relationships in the making. If you decide to register and set up a profile, these 8 tips should help.

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