What Should You Do if a Guy Gives You His Number?

So this guy gives me his number, I text him & never heard back! So why'd he give me his number & we go to the same bar! His birthday is this wk should I go?  he approached me & starting talking to me so our friends pushed it on more then when we were talking he told me he was shy and gave me his number so then we talked outside alone & he was all like call me & stuff so I did which I hate being the 1st to make contact! He's gonna be at the bar tomorrow & my cousin said u should go look all good & show him what he's missing.  But that's not me and I feel dumb being rejected on his birthday.  So I went it was ok said happy birthday that was it & got hit on by a 32yr old guy lol but had fun none the less! 2 old 4 me but oh well!

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