Why Everyone Should Try Casual Dating…At least Once

Casual Sex Dating
Casual Sex Dating

…and by casual dating, obviously I mean casual sex too.

Now, I'm not advocating that we all start chanting “free love” and start banging strangers in the park.  I'm not even saying that you should make casual sex a thing you do on the regular.  But I do believe that it's something you should experience once in your lifetime.


Because sometimes you want to experience the physical aspects of a relationship without all of the other things that come along with one.  Translation?  You want to get off without the drama.  Without the confusion that comes with emotions and feelings.  Sometimes, the only feeling you want is an orgasm.

And there's nothing wrong with that.

When people are dating, there is so!much!pressure!  We want to meet the “perfect” guy and then when we do, we analyze his every move, we get so insanely caught up with our expectations and hopes for the future.  And sometimes, we stop having fun.

But shouldn't it start at fun?  And if it ends at just fun, shouldn't that be ok?  Does everything need to always be so serious?  Am I just going to keep asking questions in this blog post?

Obviously, you need to make sure your head is straight before you dive into sleeping with someone casually.  If all you want in this world is to be in a serious relationship, if the thought of sex with someone who isn't in love with you makes you uncomfortable, or if you're unable to separate sex and emotions, don't do it babycakes.  I am in no way advocating you throwing your morals or true desires out the window just because I say it's fun.  However…

if you're not looking for something serious, if the thought of sex with someone who isn't in love with you turns you on, or if you ARE able to separate sex and emotions then this is the time to do it.  There will come a day when you meet someone whom you don't just want to hook-up with-you'll want things to be serious, for once.

So maybe I am guilty of a bit of “free love” chanting, but here's the thing kiddos.  Lately, I feel like love is anything but free.  So many strings, so many conditions, so many standards to meet.  It's exhausting.  If on your search for the perfect one, you meet the perfect one for tonight, don't dismiss the idea right away.  Live in the moment.

OH and also?  Bag that shit up.  SAFETY FIRST.

How do you feel about casual sex?

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