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17 Characteristics of an Alpha Male

Women are attracted to dominate alpha-males. By incorporating alpha male body language into your daily habits, you communicate to women that you are a man of high value. So, without further ado, enjoy! 1. When you are talking, hold eye...

/ July 13, 2015

Enter Your Number into My Phone

That video has over three million views! Just a couple putzes wearing glassing with one simple directive to the ladies: Put your number in the dude's phone. That's it. They don't even ask. “Here, put  your number in my phone.”...

/ March 1, 2013

What Should You Do if a Guy Gives You His Number?

So this guy gives me his number, I text him & never heard back! So why'd he give me his number & we go to the same bar! His birthday is this wk should I go?  he approached me &...

/ April 25, 2009