How to be irresistible to men on a date?

be irresistable

To be irresistible you have to be “The Girl.” It's kind of like how guys say to other guys, “You the man!” Being “The Girl!” is the type of girl that guys love to be with. It's the type of girl where they see you as a cool person. Being cool doesn't mean you have to be fashionable or look good.

What it means to be “The Girl” means you are not the type of girl who complains all the time, or who puts people down by talking behind their backs. How do you become an irresistible girl when dating with a man? The first thing that you have to do is be conscious of your actions. The best way to do this is to be positive. Smile. Keep a positive view towards life. Guys don't want to be around girls who are always complaining or being negative. So keeping a positive mental attitude will be your biggest impression for a guy. Also, keep an open mind to things. You don't have to always have everything in common with him, but try new things out with him. The whole idea of being irresistible is having the proper state of mind. Remember, you may have not been born a rock star, but you can show people your great personality. If you are the type of girl who is an introvert don't worry. You don't have to be a talker to be irresistible. If you are an introvert then what you must focus on is your body language. Did you know that about 90% percent of what you do with your body gestures are more powerful then what you say? How is this so? What is the difference when someone says to you, “You are such a jerk!” and gives you a mean look as opposed to a person who says, “You are such a jerk!” and says that with a smile on their face? The difference is you know the person who puts a smile on their face is just kidding.

So remember, if you are a quiet person just express your positive vibe through your body language. The main idea again is be positive, keep an open mind and go with the flow when you interact with him. The Art Of Subtle Flirting Now flirting can be a scary thing because in our mind flirting can mean different things. However, the most powerful of all flirting is being able to do it in a subtle way which creates such a strong desire for you within him in a natural way. What kinds of subtle flirting can we do to a man so we can stir his desires within him, so he wants you and can't stop thinking about you? Let's say you just met a guy and you are having a conversation with him and you feel attracted to him and you want him to start getting the feelings of desire started within him.

What do you do?

What you want to do during the interaction with him is compliment him, and the best way to compliment him is in a genuine way. If he is wearing a nice shirt bring it up. Say, “I really like that shirt on you. It looks really nice.” It's simple, but in his mind he is going to say hey, I really appreciate that. It feels good to be complimented and most guys love a good honest compliment. Another way to flirt is by giggling when appropriate. If he says something funny giggle and touch his arm lightly. What this does is creates your initial connection with him. Keep it subtle and don't touch his arm for a long period of time. Small light touches on his shoulder or even small touches on his forearm during the conversation will create a physical connection with him. Smirking is another way to flirt. Give him a cute playful smirk and he will feel the attraction. Now, after doing all of this you have to remember to pull back at times. Too often can be too much and too little may not be enough. When interacting with him you need to always end the interaction first. Try not to let him leave first. Why is this? The reason is when you end the interaction first the man will feel a sense of loss and want to continue to be with you, but you must be strong and cut it in a pleasant way, and try to leave when things are going good. This is where he starts to chase. To cut an interaction short you want to say something like, “hey, I need to get going, but give me a call sometime.”

So make sure you apply the subtle flirting throughout the interaction. It lets him know that you like him, but at the same time it's not saying I WANT YOU. It's just saying that you are enjoying the interaction with him. Subconsciously he will be attracted to you.

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