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Symptoms Your Partner Is a Moma’s Boy

mama's boy
mama's boy
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So you’re in the middle of what seems to be a beautiful and fruitful relationship and can’t help smiling to yourself about how lucky you are to get the man of your dreams. One fine day, you find all those dreams completely shattered when you start seeing things in your man, which make you wonder if he’s the kind who is still holding on to mama’s apron strings. Here are ways which can help you figure out if the man you’re dating is a mama’s boy or not:

More Than Usual Regular Phone Calls

If you’re dating a guy who just can’t help keep himself from calling and telling the slightest possible thing to his mother, you don’t even have to think twice about reconsidering. You’ll notice him calling her on and off, seeking her advice and tips to handle a particular situation and jumps with excitement whenever he has a new gossip for mama dearest to listen so that both of them can share a laugh together. Add to that, you are kept in the dark all the while when you suddenly realize to your horror that both mother and son have been gossiping about you.

man child

Compares You with the Mother

This is one of the most disgusting things that any man can do to his lady love. Comparing in the first place is the last thing that a person must do, because each individual is unique and exceptional in their own way. Everything that you do has is compared to that of his mother, right from the pancake recipe to the way you respond to him when he calls or something as simple and silly as how the mom folds clothes and how you do it. In some cases, this situation gets worse when he starts comparing you with his mom in public, with an intention to let other people around him know the same. This is not only humiliating but also disgusting and sickening to accept.

More Weight Age to Mom’s Opinion

Such kind of men must never say yes to any relationship and must live their entire life on that big cozy sofa that is placed next to mama’s favorite rocking chair. This only reflects his lack of responsibility and extreme dependence on an ageing mother, instead of him being on the other side.  His mother is always given more weight-age than you even when it comes to making small decisions such as what outfit to wear for a particular function.

If the above reasons are found in your boyfriend whom you’re currently dating, it’s time you gather your belongings and run to the hills to seek shelter before it’s too late and before you’re caught neck deep in a relationship.

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