Date Deal Breakers

Dating Deal Breakers

Do you ever get the feeling that you are batting a thousand on a date and then you never hear from the girl ever again? The fact is that when only equipped with the advice of your best male companions, you could be led astray on how to act on a date. There are a couple of things that are absolute deal-breakers for women- avoid them at all costs.

Joking turned critique

If you’re out on a date with a beautiful woman you should just shut up and consider yourself lucky. A lot of men think that the way to a woman’s heart is through humor, and though that could definitely be the case it should never be at her expense. We get it, a cranberry-vodka is a girl drink- trust me you aren’t the first guy to make this observation and it’s not any wittier the 30th time. Try to always keep the conversation light and complimentary.


I’ve been on several dates where out of nowhere the guy starts asking a series of questions to see whether or not I am high-maintenance. Something like “if you had to be in a cocktail dress or bikini all day which would you choose?” These may seem harmless to you, but we know that you are trying to size us up and it is a huge turn-off!

Monopolizing conversation

Even if you have a lot going on for you there is nothing worse than sitting across from someone who won’t let you get a word in edgewise. Even if the girl seems to be eating up everything you’re saying- she most likely is being kind. Conversation should be a tennis match, not a monologue!


An anecdote from college or your childhood is all fair play on the first date. But nobody wants to be taken on an epic 15-minute retelling of the time you almost went to jail with your buddy Eric who we’ve never met. We don’t know any of the major players and reminiscing about your frat boy adventures should be an activity reserved for your frat buddies!


Making it seem as though you are “treating” us by picking up the bill or buying us a drink is so lame. Most likely you were the one that instigated the date, so paying comes with the territory. If you don’t want to be spending money on women, don’t try to take them out.


This goes without saying, but no one wants a door slammed in their face or watch you get in the car first as we stand in the cold. If you want us to think of you as a romantic prospect you have to turn up the romance!

-Remember the girl that doesn’t think that these things are important is probably not a girl you want to be dating. Sleeping with sure, but any self-respecting woman will expect more!

Danae Matthews writes for the on-line women’s health resource Women’s Health Base.

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Danae Matthews lives in San Francisco, CA. She writes for an on-line health resource Women's Health Base. She loves to blog about relationships and life in general. Visit her site

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  1. Danae, this post is flippin' fantastic! You make excellent common sense points here. Especially about sizing a woman up. It seems like people just want to get to the point right away and not expend actual effort in the 'journey." That's just lame and I definitely shake my finger at the sorts that are like that.

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