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Observe Dinner Habits-Learn About Your Date


Dating is scary. Putting yourself on the table for someone to either pick up or pass on? That’s the kind of uncertainty that will make even the most stable stomach turn.

But dating should be an exciting endeavor, and there are a few fun tactics you can enact in your dating life to make it a more interesting—and educational—experience.

For instance, why not learn how to read your date through what, and how, they eat? You can learn a lot from a person based on dining habits, and picking up some key methods of deducing facets of a person’s personality from their eating techniques is a great way to determine if a second date is worth your time.

In fact, their behaviors from the moment the walk through the door of the restaurant, to the minute the sign the check at the end, can open you up to a whole new perspective on your date that simple conversation and flirting won’t convey.

Location, location, location

Before you slap on your evening wear and pick somewhere elegant yet affordable off Yelp!, Check out the Diet Solution Program reviews of different healthy eating plans, and dig a little deeper into your dining options. Then, pick a place that lines up that’s best for your diet.

When you suggest it to your date, you’ll pick up on subtle, telling clues. If you suggest Ethiopian and they immediately shoot it down for burgers and beer, you’re probably not about to spend the evening with someone who’s into trying new things.

But if they’re up for hibachi, even if they've never been, they’re probably more fun-loving and outgoing.

Order’s up?

You are what you eat, but being out with someone you’re feeling out the waters with can curb your appetite a bit. It can also make you a lot more likely to opt for a salad and soda when you’re really aching to give the ostrich burger a try.

Remember: your date’s likely to feel the same way.

So, don’t immediately write him off if he just hastily picks something off the “today’s specials” menu when the waitress comes by. He’s probably nervous, which means he’s interested.

This little piggy didn't go on a second date

There’s a difference between your, “bowl of ice cream in front of the TV alone,” eating habits and your, “just met you and want to make a good impression,” eating habits, right? You’d never use your sleeve as a napkin on a first date. You take smaller bites, and you never talk with your mouth full.

If your date doesn't observe these cardinal rules, he’s likely a slob in a lot of other facets of life, too. And even worse, he might be downright disrespectful.

It may not be cause for a deal breaker, but slovenly consumption of food is a definite red flag to keep an eye on.  A particular eating program called  The Truth About Abs Reviews actually has a couple funny horror stories of dates who became too seduced with their meal to focus on the person in front of them.

Eyes on the prize

If your date’s eyes stay locked on the table, he’s probably not trying to memorize his salad; He’s probably nervous. To reiterate, that’s a good thing.

If he’s making eye contact? Even more of a bonus.

Now, if his eyes wander to the neighboring table or, worse, the waitress’ backside when she walks away? That’s a red flag. A BIG one.

You’re an adult and you know that there are other people in the world that your significant other—no matter what stage your relationship’s in—will find attractive. But the beginning of a relationship is a hands-off period when both people should have eyes only for each other, especially when they’re together.

You’re building trust, and if eyes are anywhere but in your moment, time to ask for the check.

Chivalry is asexual

Whether you’re out with a new guy or a new girl, the most telling part of a first date is the end. No, not the, “should we kiss?” moment when you part ways in the parking lot.

No, I mean when the check arrives.

The movies tell you that the guy should pay; magazines say women should take the initiative; reality says that when two people care about each other, they take care of each other, and that means sharing the burden.

Your date, whether a he or a she, should make a move to pay. So should you. But you date, regardless of gender, should let you get your way—whether that’s splitting the bill, paying it all, or allowing yourself to be treated.

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