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Who Needs a Wingman Anyway? Not Me!

No Wingman? No Problem!

At the Urban Dater we love to feature a variety of voices. Today I'm very happy to be featuring a contributed post from one of our Followers on Twitter, BeingDirect. Read his tweets and you know what's on his mind: Women. The man is the connoisseur of the “Pickup.” There's no questions, no playing games; he's very “to the point” on the topic. Today he's going to lend his insights on the subject of Wingmen. Enjoy!

Guys, have you ever wondered how your life would be without having a wingman? Probably not, if you’re always going to clubs and pubs with your friends. While at the club did you make a jerk of yourself? You probably did. You and your friends wanted to impress girls and bought them drinks, but in the end, you ended up not even getting a phone number. Even worse, you did not get laid.

I go to clubs alone or if I go to a club with a friend he is not “winging” me. We go to a bar have a beer together and then we split. We go our ways to find the one girl with who we will spend the night with. That's the best way, if you know what you want. You know that you want to pick up a girl and this will be your main focus with no distraction. When I go to a club I see guys sitting at the bar, table talking. Their main focus should be “get the girl” but no… They have to talk… Think about lines and what they will say and then they will approach a girl or they will not. Usually it’s not just the one guy, it’s his entourage of friends… This is creepy. That's why when I go pickup girls I go alone. This way you will become more confident. You won't feel so awkward in situations when you are alone.

Threesomes. All guys dream about threesomes. Sometimes you just see two girls in a club who look like they are suited to have a threesome with you. So you approach and then your wingman approaches after you… Done… No threesome. In 21st century there are more girls who are bi and just because of this you have a better chance to have threesome with these girls. Most of the “Dating Coaches” will tell you that approaching two sets (women) is the hardest approach. Indeed but you have to know your target. You can feel/see the girls in a club who are there to have sex. Pay attention to the details.

I've seen guys with their wingmen and what I can tell you is that their wingman is not on the same level as they are. So what does this tell us? Nothing! Your wingman just becomes another person in the group who you will have to control. He can ruin your game and the set (interaction with the woman aka target) is blown.

Guys don't be afraid to go alone to pick up on women… After few times you will become more confident and your inner game will grow. Then you will find yourself asking: “Why was I not picking up girls alone before?” You will focus on one thing: Engaging women and, yes, getting laid. Ask yourself: What kind of a woman can you get on your own?

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  1. Good points here, I've actually never quite understood the wingman concept myself. I always wanted to go out with a wingwoman, but couldn't quite figure out how it all worked… haha :0)

  2. Heh I was doing the wingman thing too before… long time ago before somebody showed me the way…. Since then I never looked back… I just have to plan my logistics and that's all.

    BTW there is no wingwoman lol I think you meant PIVOT 😉

    I have already another great idea for a post… will see how this will work out tho coz i'm pretty busy lately 😉

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