Pros and Cons of Dating Apps

Dating Apps Pros and Cons 2021

The increasing popularity of dating apps has raised concerns over a possible shift in relationship dynamics. Those with reservations about online dating are worried about whether these types of online-driven unions are capable of lasting in the way that more traditional relationships first formed in the physical world might be able to.

However, a 2018 study done by the University of Geneva in Switzerland dismissed these fears, revealing that couples who used dating apps were more determined to live together as compared to unions formed outside the digital space. Additionally, women who found their significant other online had a stronger resolve to have children as compared to those who found love offline.     

Finding love in the digital age can be daunting but fun, depending on your experiences. However, most of the time, due to the sheer amount options available that you have to sift through, most of your connections won’t be the jackpot. Dating Insider can help you decide the best dating app for you, based on your preferences.

As you may have guessed, things are not all rosy in the online dating world. This article aims to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of searching love online:

Pros of Using Dating Apps:

  • Convenience. Searching for the right person takes time and effort. The good thing about using online dating apps is that you can use them anywhere, regardless of whatever you’re doing. Swipe all you want while bingeing on your favorite series or movies, or while lounging in your pajamas in bed.

With dating apps, you can get rid of wasted time and outfits, and save costs on taxi fare, flowers, and expensive dinners for people who only look like a perfect match on paper.    

  • Offers easy access. Regardless of ethnic, social, and economic background, an individual looking for love only needs to have an internet access to create an account to start finding the right person. This unrestricted access, though, brings with it some risk, which will be discussed further down.
  • Narrows down your choices. Dating apps typically let you filter your potential matches based on your preferences for a partner. Factors such as age, location, height, and gender are a few of the common filters you can adjust according to your liking. Filtering your date according to your desired traits is something that you can’t do #IRL.   
  • Ideal for shy people. Individuals prone to having panic and anxiety attacks when meeting and dating other people can finally skip these awkward situations. Shy people are always the underdogs in the dating scene, not being able to express themselves to their dream dates with confidence. Increase your chances of finding the one with these highly recommended dating apps for men.
  • Allows you to date without the guilt. In real life, dating two or three people at once may be enough to label you as a player, which may discourage you from seeking greener pastures, figuratively speaking. In comparison, users of dating apps are aware that their potential matches may be entertaining other prospective dates, too. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that loyalty may not be one of their strong suits. The opportunity to message and interact with your potential matches lets you identify who keep and then who to avoid or look out for, increasing your chances of hitting the jackpot.  

Overall, online dating apps can make meeting your potential partner easier, but there are downsides to this technology.

Cons of Using Dating Apps:

  • Makes interaction less ‘personal.’ On-screen communications, even via video calls, are less intimate than meeting face-to-face. Personal discussions allow you to sense the other person’s body language, so it’s easier to gauge whether a person is telling a lie or feeling uncomfortable. Trust and honesty are essential elements for relationships to thrive and grow, and a connection that doesn’t progress beyond the digital space may lead to a potentially shaky union.
  • You may become a target for bullies and cybercriminals. Cyberattacks can come in many forms, and some dating apps may expose you to anomalous transactions once you’ve fallen victim to cybercriminals. These people are out to get your personal and financial data and use it to their advantage. In some cases, they’ll try to get intimate videos and photos of you and then blackmail you into paying then before deleting the sensitive material. 
  • Prone to catfishing. Because there’s no need to personally meet in the getting-to-know-you stage, cybercriminals are seizing the opportunity to create fake profiles to lure unsuspecting love matches into a web of anomalous transactions.

These fakers use other people’s photos and woo you into divulging your deepest secrets, including financial details. Worse, they may turn out to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing. For your safety, inform your friends and family members about the name and location of your date.   

Final Thoughts

Online dating can be equally fun and dangerous. Whether you’ve been on the digital dating scene for a great amount of time or are a newbie, always prioritize your safety above all. Some dating apps offer a strong verification process and they’re worth looking into so that you can focus on forming meaningful relationships with your potential matches.       

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