A single detail matters on the first date. It goes without saying that, ideally, you two should feel comfortable and enjoy each other’s company. However, it can be pretty hard to do that, especially if the venue of your date doesn’t get you into the right mood. Choosing a place for your first rendezvous you are making a very important decision. According to the dating experts from bridesstars.com, women size men up judging already from the venue the latter choose for the first date. If you want to make a good impression on a woman and you don’t want to spoil the things from the start, consider the following lame ideas and, as an ad has it, don’t try this at home!

  1. A family event.
    Isn’t that too soon to introduce a girl you hardly know to your family? Your relatives will perceive her as your girlfriend, so awkward questions and situations are inevitable. If you don’t want to make your date feel like on an audition, choose a neutral location.
  2. Your home.
    It’s definitely both bad and unsafe idea to spend the first date at your home. You’ll both feel like a fish out of water. Even if she is bold enough to agree to come to your place, she’ll be anxious and scared and you’ll be nervous because now she knows your address. Going out on a date with a person for the first time means new impressions and emotions, that is why the place where you hang out should be new for both of you.
  3. Double date.
    Bringing your date to dinner with your buddy and his girlfriend (or wife) who you know very well is not a good idea, too. It’s almost one hundred percent that you will indulge in recollection of past shared experiences making your date feel alien to your company.
  4. A loud club
    Clubs are great to meet girls but not to ask them out on a date there. Loud music and moving crowd do not create the atmosphere for a get-to-know-you conversation.
  5. Out with buddies.
    Of course, there will be the time when you’ll introduce your date to your friends and you’ll hang out together. But the first date is about one-on-one communication. Additionally, you feel absolutely comfortable among your buddies but think how it is for your date to be in the company of new people.
  6. Crowded places.
    Another bad idea for a date venue is a crowded place such as a sporting event, concert, or festival. The fact that she might not be a fan of sports, a particular band, or some activities can make the situation even worse.
  7. Museums
    Museums are too intellectual to be a good place for the first date. Spending two hours contemplating the works of art or ancient artifacts can’t be called a perfect date. You should look at each other, not at the exhibits.
  8. Going to the Movies
    Going to the movies means staring at a screen instead of your date. What can make the matters even worse is a bad choice of the film.
  9. An extreme sport.
    Rope jumping or skydiving are great but not on the first date. A girl wants to wear high heels and a smart dress to impress you and spend time with you in a relaxed atmosphere.
  10. A picnic.
    Save a picnic idea for the further dates. The first date is about dressing sharp and acting gracefully. None of that will be possible on a picnic where only casual clothes will be the most appropriate option and eating with your hands will be inevitable.


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