Credit: Gloss Photography Studio

Credit: Gloss Photography Studio

We just kinda publish articles all day here, at the Urban Dater. But For the last however many years it's been, we've just featured a picture of a city or a male/female couple on our Twitter Header image. We COULD do better, but we're lazy. Today, Saturday, we'd like to change that.

So we're asking our followers, friends and readers to submit a couple-y photo of you and your significant other that we post up on the Urban Dater's Twitter Header image.

Why? I guess because I'm in love with being in love, so a friend told me not too long ago. Maybe that's true, in any case I'd love to post a new photo that isn't a stock photo.

– You can be married, or you don't have identify your life with your partner as anything; heck, you don't even have to be in love with them. But you do need to love them; they need to be your “boo.”
– No blatant nudity (although, if you send it we may keep for our private collection). I expect you guys to use your common sense here. Tasteful nudes, are cool, if you're going to go the more risqué route.
– An urban/city setting for your photo is great, but not necessary
– Photo should be landscape NOT portrait
– Submit a note about you people, as a couple. Write what you want, but I want to know what makes you, you. Think of it as a love letter to the world; to your significant other. We'll publish it on the Urban Dater, even if we don't select your photo… possibly—not a guarantee. We'd like to know a little bit about the people we're posting photos of.

To Submit Your Image:
– Tweet @theurbandater a link to your photo, with #love in the tweet.

Things to note:
– Because I'm lunatic af, I will crop most of your face out of the photos. Why? I've always cropped out most of people's faces—if not completely—that I use for the Urban Dater creative. Love, in my mind, is a glimpse into these micro-instances where we forget all that we have learned, read, observed, and we are allowed to be in that instance, that moment, free. Free from judgement; free from analysis; free from insecurity; free from fear… How does that translate into cropping your beautiful faces out? You'll have to find your own answer, slugger.
– Your photo may be up for a year, a month, a day… We decide. If your photo isn't initially selected, know that it may be later… I probably won't notify you if it is. Deal with it.

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